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​We recently pushed this information out to our IPPFEC email list.  However, for folks who were not set up to receive emails from the IPPFEC email list, we are reposting the information here.  To receive emails sent to the AIPLA IPPFEC email for our committee, please select the committee as one or your committees under Committee Center --> Update Committee Selections.

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our committee leadership and discuss the goals of the committee, give you some advance information about our 2016 Delegation trip, and lastly, provide some opportunities for folks to get more involved with the committee as country liaisons or committee liaisons, or with our sub-committees.

Introduction and Welcome
My name is Kevin Kunzendorf, and I am serving as the Chair of the IP Practice in the Far East committee for the next two years.  Tiep Nguyen has gracious agreed to serve as the Vice-Chair.  If you have questions or concerns about anything, or want to get more involved please do contact us at kkunzendorf@sughrue.com or tiep.nguyen@us.fujitsu.com.  

I would like to thank Chris Maier, who served as Chair of the Committee for the last two years.  Chris led two successful delegation trips - one to Korea and Malaysia and another to Taiwan and Singapore, and spearheaded the development of the India Sub-Committee. We hope to expand on these initiatives over the next two years.

Goals of the Committee
The main goal of our committee is to reach out to the countries of the Far East and their IP and AIPLA sister-organizations to engage them in dialog on IP matters.  The countries under our aegis are all the ASEAN countries other than Japan and China, which have their own AIPLA committees.   As you will appreciate, we cover quite a bit of territory, both geographically and across the IP development spectrum.  We are also tasked with following the IP laws of our countries and reporting back to the AIPLA leadership on foreign IP laws that are worthy of AIPLA comment and discussion.  Over the last several years, we have taken an annual delegation trip, and have visited many of the countries under our aegis.  Typically, the trips are a week long, usually in the Spring, and we try to visit one developed IP market (e.g., Korea or Taiwan) to continue to build on our existing relationships, and one developing IP market to establish a dialog with the IP community in those countries.  To the extent possible, we have been trying to circle back to the developing IP market countries in order to revisit issues in those countries and to solidify relationships with their IP communities.

2016 Delegation Trip
Our delegation trip will take place from April 25-29, 2016, during which time we plan to return to Korea and to visit Indonesia for the first time.  For those who have not joined a trip, we spend two days in each country, with a travel day on Wednesday, and meet with government IP bodies (e.g., the PTO, courts, etc.), IP-focused organizations, and industry IP players in the countries.  We try to schedule at least one seminar/workshop in each country, and also several informal dinners/receptions in order to provide networking opportunities for the delegates.  Plus, the delegates spend quite a bit of time together, fostering relationships among fellow AIPLA members.  It is a great way to meet and develop personal relationships with other delegates and with the IP players in each country. 

The tentative plan for the 2016 trip is:
Sunday, April 24 - Arrive in Korea
Mon-Tues, April 25-26 - meetings in Korea
Wednesday, April 27 - travel day to Indonesia
Thurs-Fri, April 28-29 - meetings in Indonesia
Sat, April 30 - depart

Some have noted the recent Islamic State activity in Jakarta, and have expressed some concern about visiting Indonesia.  Currently, we plan to proceed with Indonesia as the second leg of the trip.  However, we plan to discuss the situation with the second leg of the trip at the upcoming Mid-Winter Meeting in La Quinta and make a final decision after the meeting.   

If you are interested in joining the delegation, please contact Tiep or me for more information.  Please also check the committee microsite on the AIPLA webpage, where we will post the most updated information.

Opportunities to Get Involved - Country Liaisons & Committee Liaisons & Sub-Committees

1. Country Liaison
One of our goals for the committee for the next two years is to develop a “dossier” for each country under our aegis.  The idea is to have a single place to track the IP organizations of the country and current contact information for the leadership of those organizations, information about the main technologies of the country, the current laws, and the 3-5 main IP issues currently under discussion in the country.  This dossier will be posted on the committee website as a resource for our committee members, future delegation trips, and the AIPLA membership as a whole.  Thus, we are looking for “country liaisons” to be the front-persons for each country who would be responsible for creating and maintaining the dossier.  This is a great opportunity for folks to get involved with a minimal time commitment - sending out several emails and maintaining contacts.  

We need volunteers to be Country Liaisons for:
1. Korea
2. Taiwan
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Vietnam
6. Thailand
7. Philippines
8. Myanmar
9. Cambodia
10. Australia
11. New Zealand

We will discuss the dossiers at during our committee meeting at the Mid-Winter meeting, so please attend if possible.  I will also be posting a model dossier on the committee microsite to use in putting together the dossiers.

2. Committee Liaisons
We are also looking for Committee Liaisons, who would be our point persons for interaction with other AIPLA committees.  These folks would be  attend the committee meeting of their liaison committee and report to them what is happening with the IPPEC committee as well as seek input from these committees when we have questions from the IP bodies of various countries.   

We need Committee Liaisons for:
1. TM committees
2. Patent Law Committee
3. International Education
4. Open Source & Standards Committee
5. PCT committee
6. Emerging Technologies
7. Industrial Designs

3. Sub-Committees

India Sub-Committee
We have an existing India Sub-Committee which is currently co-chaired by Tarun Gandhi (tarun.gandhi@iprattorneys.com ) and Ashok Mannava (ashok@mannavakang.com) and has about 8-9 members. Recently, the Sub-Committee has been instrumental in preparing draft comments in response to some changes in Indian IP law.  If you have interest in getting more involved in the India Sub-Committee, please contact Tarun or Ashok.  

Middle East & North Africa Sub-Committee & Africa Sub-Committee
We have also had interest in establishing two additional sub-committees - a sub-committee on the Middle East and North Africa, and separately, a sub-committee on Africa.  We are currently in discussions with the AIPLA Board as to which committee’s umbrella the Middle East and Africa would be most appropriately established.  If you have interest in either of these sub-committees, please let Tiep and me know and we will put you in touch with the folks who are interested in organizing these sub-committees.

That is it for now.  We will be sending out additional, shorter, updates soon on the above and other issues soon, and we will also be posting more information to the committee microsite (basically, the committee page on the AIPLA website).  We welcome your participation in the committee and look forward to a successful and fun two years.

Kevin C. Kunzendorf & Tiep Nguyen
AIPLA IP Practice in the Far East Committee
January 22, 2016​​




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