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The AIPLA IP Practice in the Far East Committee is proud to announce the formation of a subcommittee on India.  The IPPFEC India subcommittee will address a variety of issues, such as developments in the IP laws of India, U.S. IP issues relevant to Indian companies and individuals, and the promotion of dialogue between India and the U.S. on IP issues.  Members of the India subcommittee plan to stay in touch via social media and would welcome the input and ideas of our members.  The India subcommittee is open to all AIPLA members in good standing who are also members of the IP Practice in the Far East Committee.  For more information or to join the India subcommittee, please contact Amanpreet Kaur (Amanpreet.Kaur@wilsonelser.com) or George Yu (gyu@schiffhardin.com).

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Kenneth K. Cho and Christopher Maier

January 14, 2013​




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