IPPFEC to visit Vietnam and Thailand in April, 2013

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Dear IPPFEC members:

As part of our efforts to promote camaraderie, cooperation, education and intellectual property exchange with IP officials and practitioners in the Far East, the IP Practice in the Far East committee (IPFEC) is planning a visit to the Far East from April 16 through April 23. Specifically, the IPFEC will visit Vietnam from April 16-20 and Thailand from April 20-23. Our preliminary schedule for this trip is shown below for your review and consideration.
4/16 Arrive in Hanoi by late afternoon
4/17 Meetings with gov’t officials and IP officials
4/18 Fly to Ho Chi Minh City in the morning, IP assoc. meeting in afternoon
4/19 Meetings with various companies in Ho Chi Minh City
4/20 Fly to Bangkok
4/21 Open (Sunday)
4/22 Meet with Thai gov't and IP officials
4/23 Meet with private companies and adjourn in the evening
In Vietnam, the IPFEC delegation will have meetings with the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) and the Vietnam IP Law Association in Hanoi, as well as additional IP groups and industry officials in Ho Chi Minh City. Similarly, in Thailand, the IPFEC delegation will meet with the Thai Patent Office, judges of the IP&IT Court, enjoy a joint panel meeting with IPAT/APAA and meet with members of an industry organization in Bangkok. Many of these meetings will include meals and allow for a variety of networking opportunities.
This upcoming April IPFEC trip to Vietnam and Thailand is open to all IPFEC members. If you are interested in joining the April trip to the Far East, then please reply directly to this email the undersigned at your earliest convenience, but no later than Monday, March 18, 2013 (or until the trip fills up) indicating your firm interest (and also let us know if you are willing to serve on the Steering Committee to help with the logistics and planning of the trip). Preference will be given to AIPLA leadership, active members of IPFEC, members who are willing to serve on the Steering Committee, and members who are committed to help with the logistics and planning the April trip. Please bear in mind in past years, there were always more members interested in joining the delegation than the IPFEC could accommodate; however, the IPFEC will do its best to accommodate as many interested members as possible.
Best regards,
Kenneth K. Cho and Christopher Maier
AIPLA IP Practice in the Far East
March 11, 2013





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