Roll Call – Attending AIPLA IPP-LatAm trip to Rio de Janeiro, ABPI Annual Meeting, and AIPPI World Congress(Oct. 9-14, 2015)?

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Dear Committee Members,
As you know, the IP Practice in Latin America Committee is organizing a delegation to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in conjunction with the combined AIPPI World Congress and Associação Brasileira Propriedade Intellectual (ABPI) Annual Meeting.  See the attached “Save the Date,” for details (dates below):
·         Oct. 9, 2015 – AIPLA IPP-LatAm committee visits to Brazilian Federal Courts and INPI followed by a cocktail (tentative)
·         Oct. 10-14, 2015 – AIPPI World Congress and ABPI Annual Meeting
If you would like to join this year’s delegation, please send us an email and we’ll add you to the list (Robert.wells@finnegan.com and jgoulart@dannemann.com.br).
Please note that In order to participate in the Congress you must be a member of one of the National Groups of AIPPI or an independent member.  If you aren’t a member of AIPPI yet, you can join AIPPI-US when registering for the Congress or directly with AIPLA at a discounted rate.  For people who are not already members of AIPPI who’d like to attend the AIPPI congress in Rio, we recommend the join & register option available for the AIPPI Congress web site at www.aippi.net.  The cost for the join & register option is $200 (to join, for two years), plus the congress registration fee ($1500 for the early registration option, available until June 10).  Or you can join AIPPI through the AIPLA web site for $190 for two years, then sign up for the Congress.  But there may be a little lag in getting the AIPPI membership through AIPLA caught up to AIPPI.  For further details about AIPPI-US membership, please contact Philip Swain (pcs@foleyhoag.com) or  Meghan Donohoe (mdonohoe@aipla.org).
Best regards,
Joaquim Goulart & Rob Wells




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