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Dear Committee Member: 

AIPLA benefits from its international diversity because of its growing membership from countries beyond the USA.  Integrating ideas for programming to include participation by international members is a goal within the Strategic Plan of AIPLA for its Global Sector Committees. 
As a member of a Global Sector Committee, you already have expressed an interest in international IP law.  Your contributions to ideas for programming will reinforce our international diversity and promote our association to become a central location for education about comparative law and regulation as the world moves closer together in establishment and use of intellectual property. 
For example, your experiences with the Hague System for Industrial Design and your access to the latest news in the 40+ year effort to provide a single patent and a unified patent judicial system for the European Union (Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court) can illuminate fellow AIPLA members from the USA.  And American news about Alice, Myriad, and Mayo can benefit from an international perspective of members from diverse countries whose experiences with their law offers comparative analytical opportunities.     
With AIPLA Committee Selection still in “Open Season” until January 31, 2015, you are encouraged to make your selection of as many committees as you desire.  To become a participant in producing excellent programming, you are especially encouraged to join one or more of the following programming committees and participate actively to bring top-notch, internationally vibrant topics to our upcoming Stated Meetings, Webinars, Road-shows, and Special Events.   
Thank you.
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