AIPLA Participation in B+ Sub-Group/Industry Symposium on Patent Harmonization

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AIPLA participated as a member of the Industry Trilateral Organization in a B+ Sub-Group/Industry symposium entitled “Cornerstones for Harmonization” at the European Patent Office on June 20, 2017.
Lisa Jorgenson, AIPLA Executive Director, Tony Venturino, Chair of the AIPLA Harmonization Task Force, David Hill, Vice Chair of the Task Force, and Alan Kasper and John Osha, members of the Task Force, along with representatives of Business Europe (BE), the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA), and the Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) represented the Industry Trilateral Organization (IT3) in presenting its current views on patent harmonization to attendees of the symposium. Members of the IT3 spoke on the issues of Prior User Rights, Conflicting Applications, and Non-prejudicial Prior Art (Grace Period), as well as a possible new concept of a Defense for Intervening Users, which have been major areas of focus for achieving progress in harmonization efforts.
Presentations were also made by representatives of relevant organizations from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Korea, with their views on the current proposals from IT3. Following those presentations, comments were made by AIPPI, EPI, FICPI, JPAA, and other organizations with their general views on the topics being discussed. Open discussions were held on all of the presentations, and on the B+ workstream reports that had been previously completed and distributed to attendees addressing the key harmonization issues.
The Chair of Group B+ and the Symposium, Ms. Patricia Kelly of Australia IP, concluded the meeting by thanking all the participants, and describing plans for future harmonization work of the B+ Sub-Group.





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