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Survey for AIPLA Fellows Committee


In charting the Fellows future plans, Phil and I would like your input on topics the Fellows might pursue for programming, special projects, or other service to the AIPLA during 2017-2018. 

There has been a good initial response, so if you have already taken the survey, thank you!  

The survey contains 7 short questions asking your input regarding areas where the Fellows may wish to focus for this year. The survey should take less than five minutes.  

The survey will close on December 15.  Your responses are very important to the success of the Fellows this year.

The survey can be reached on the Fellows website at the following link:


(You also can reach the survey by going to the Committee Center menu on the AIPLA website. Then, then click on "Committee Pages," and then click on the "Fellows" link under "Committee Pages."  Look on the left hand menu bar under "Surveys" and click on "Survey For Fellows Focus Areas For 2017-18.")

Instructions : Once you reach the survey:

      1. Log into the web site at the top of the page as with your member sign (you can't take the survey unless you are logged in as a member).

          2. Click on the link "Respond to this Survey" above the description of the survey in the blue box, i.e. the box with the "Survey Name" and "Survey Description".  The link looks like this: Respond to this Survey Respond to this Survey

(you will not see the link unless you are logged in as a member).

           3. Take the survey and make sure that you click the "Finished" button when you are done.

We will share the results when they are compiled. 

Please let Denise (Kettelberger@ptslaw.com) or Phil (ppetti@usg.com) know if you have any questions or difficulties with the survey.

Thank you for your input - we look forward to a very good year for the Fellows.




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