ECLC Chair’s letter for October, 2016 newsletter

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It has been my pleasure to serve as chair of the Electronic and Computer Law Committee of the AIPLA for the past 2 years.  I am proud to have carried on the tradition of those who came before me by continuing our Partnering in Patents program, the Patent Law Summit, and adding a quarterly committee call to keep committee members abreast of ECLC committee activities. My term expires at the end of this year’s AIPLA annual meeting.  At that time, the committee will be placed into the competent hands of John Salazar, who has been very active in the ECLC for a number of years.  Manav Das will also be stepping into a leadership role.  Congratulations to John and Manav!
As many of you heard during our committee call on October 4, the ECLC has many activities planned for before and during the AIPLA annual meeting in Washington, DC later this month.
On Wednesday, October 26, the USPTO will conduct a campus tour from 8 am – 9 am and will then conduct from 9 am – 11 am a focus session on the topic of best practices for searching for prior art for software patents.  In addition to ECLC members, members of the Computer and Communications Industry Association and the Internet Association will also be in attendance.  There will be talks by Robert O’Connell (formerly of Qualcomm) and Dan Long of Cisco before the attendees break into table discussions with PTO examiners. 
After the focus session, the 23rd annual Partnering in Patents program will be held 12-4 pm at the USPTO.  The Partnering in Patents program will include a discussion of USPTO initiatives including the Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative, a discussion of the patent eligibility training by the USPTO, a panel on patent quality, an overview of recent court decisions on section 101 and 112, a discussion of the USPTO’s big data initiative, and a recap of the morning’s focus session.  Please plan to attend.  CLE will be available.
The ECLC leadership will also hold its annual USPTO Tech Center Directors Luncheon on Thursday, October 27 at the USPTO.  Later that afternoon, from 3:30-5:30 pm, the ECLC will be holding a joint educational session with the USPTO Inter-Partes Patent Proceedings committee.  The program is entitled “Software Patent Litigation: An Update on Pre-Filing Strategy and Trial Preparation and the Role of IPR and CBM in Software Patent Litigation.”  Speakers will discuss (1) preparation of complaints for asserting patents directed to software implemented inventions, including pre-filing due diligence, new federal pleading rules, patent eligibility defenses, etc., (2) intersection of IPRs/CBMs with litigation, (3) recent PTAB 101 decisions, and (4) post-IPR considerations including special considerations for discovery, Markman preparation, and trial preparation.
We hope to see you in Washington!
Looking ahead, the ECLC is organizing a main track at the AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute on February 2, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale.  Topics include 35 USC 112(b) and 112(f), claiming of software as structure rather than function, and subject matter eligibility for computer implemented invention.  Bob Bahr from the USPTO will be a speaker as well.  Please plan to join us in sunny Florida!
In the spring of 2017, please look for an announcement of our 2017 Patent Law Summit, tentatively scheduled for June in Toronto. 
Finally, please check out the ECLC microsite and plan to participate in our quarterly committee calls to keep abreast of ECLC activities and opportunities to participate.
Michael Dunnam
Chair, ECLC




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