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​As your new chair, I am writing to provide an update on recent happenings and upcoming events.  Please feel free to contact me by reply email with any questions.

1. I want to personally thank Jim Hallenbeck for the wonderful job he has done leading our committee for the last 2 years.  Our committee remains one of the most active and influential committees in the AIPLA.  I hope to build upon the foundation provided by Jim and his predecessors to provide an important professional outlet for all committee members.  If you have any suggestions for a committee activity or anything that we can do better, please contact us.  Really.
2. I would like to welcome John Salazar as our committee's new vice-chair.  John has been a great contributor to the committee over the years, particularly in connection with the Patent Law Summits we have organized for the last several years. 
3. In case you missed it, our committee was very active at last month's Annual Meeting.  Our events started on Wednesday, October 22, with the 21st Annual Partnering in Patents event.    There was also a USPTO Campus Tour at 8:00 AM and a Focus Session starting at 9:00 AM on October 22.  Many thanks to Lynne Anderson and Mike Stein for coordinating this event with the USPTO.  Copies of the presentations have been posted to our committee microsite at http://www.aipla.org/committees/committee_pages/Electronic-and-Computer-Law/Pages/default.aspx.
On Thursday, October 23, the ECLC conducted a Joint Session with the Inter Partes Patent Proceedings Committee.  The session included a panel of PTAB judges from the USPTO who conducted a very informative (and wide-open) question and answer session on events and procedures within the Trial Section of the PTAB.  They also provided practice tips with respect to the various review proceedings.  We hope that many of you were able to attend and, if not, that you will consider joining us for our upcoming meetings at the AIPLA Mid-Winter meeting in Orlando and the AIPLA Spring meeting in Los Angeles.
4. Please note that the USPTO is conducting a First Cybersecurity Partnership Meeting in Menlo Park, California THIS FRIDAY, November 14th that is likely of interest to many of you.  The goal of the Cybersecurity Partnership is to create a collaborative forum for USPTO stakeholders seeking patent protection in the cybersecurity and network security sector to share ideas, experiences, and insights with USPTO staff. For more information and to register, please visit http://www.uspto.gov/about/contacts/phone_directory/pat_tech/cybersecurity-partenership-mtg.jsp.
5. I would like to personally thank those of you who contributed to a draft Software White Paper that our committee is using as a vehicle to encourage a broader AIPLA push to bring certainty and predictability to the patenting of inventions implemented all or in part in software.  The white paper provides a legal basis for the patent eligibility of software, the importance of software to the US economy, and the way forward following the Alice decision.  A draft has been forwarded to the AIPLA executive committee and has been posted to our committee microsite at http://www.aipla.org/committees/committee_pages/Electronic-and-Computer-Law/Pages/default.aspx. Note that more work needs to be done on this.  We will be soliciting further assistance once we receive comments back from the executive committee of the AIPLA.
6. Our committee publishes a newsletter a couple of times a year.  We are due to issue our next newsletter in January.  Accordingly, should you have any articles or blog posts that you would like included in the next publication of the ECLC newsletter, please forward them to me.  We are looking for short submissions - you need not prepare formal articles.  Pragmatic, practice focused articles are preferred.
7.  You will soon be hearing more about our plans for the AIPLA Mid-Winter meeting from January 28-31 in Orlando, FL, and for the Spring meeting from April 30 - May 2 in Los Angeles, CA.  We are also soliciting help to plan our Patent Law Summit, which we are targeting for June in Dallas, TX.  We will also be holding our annual spring teleconference with the TC Directors at the USPTO.  There will be more details to come on these events in the near future.
Thanks for your attention!  I hope to find ways for all of you to contribute to our committee activities in ways that are comfortable to you and for you to take much away in the form of professional education and relationships through participation in our committee activities.  I hope to see you in Orlando!
Best regards,
Mike Dunnam
2929 Arch Street
Cira Centre, 12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2891
T 215.564.8962
F 215.568.3439




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