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Hi All,


This is likely the last email I will be sending you as the chair of the Electronic and Computer Law Committee.  My term has come to an end and Mike Dunnam will be taking over as Chair and John Salazar will be the new vice-chair.  Thank you to everyone that has contributed in recent years during my tenure.  The ECLC is a very active committee and I have enjoyed every minute.


Next week is the Annual Meeting.  Our events start on Wednesday with the 21st Annual Partnering in Patents event.  It takes place in the Madison Auditorium at the USPTO, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM.  There is also a USPTO Campus Tour at 8:00 AM and a Focus Session starting at 9:00 AM.  Lots going on.  Find more details at http://www.aipla.org/learningcenter/AM2014/Pages/2014PIP.aspx.  Many thanks to Lynne Anderson and Mike Stein for coordinating this event with the USPTO.


On Thursday, the ECLC is conducting a Joint Session with the Inter Partes Patent Proceedings Committee, 3:30 – 5:30 in the Wilson A Conference Room on the Mezzanine Level.  The session will include a few USPTO representatives that will provides a general status and statistics on the Trial Section of the PTAB.  They will further discuss practice tips with respect to the various review proceedings and will have a general discussion on other topics.


Outside of the Annual Meeting, the USPTO is conducting a First Cybersecurity Partnership Meeting in Menlo Park, California on Friday, November 14th that is likely of interest to many of you.  The goal of the Cybersecurity Partnership is to create a collaborative forum for USPTO stakeholders seeking patent protection in the cybersecurity and network security sector to share ideas, experiences, and insights with USPTO staff. For more information and to register, please visit http://www.uspto.gov/about/contacts/phone_directory/pat_tech/cybersecurity-partenership-mtg.jsp.


As for additional Committee activities, Mike Dunnam is heading up an ECLC effort of many ECLC members in preparing an extensive article on the patent eligibility of software, the importance of software to the US economy, and the way forward following the Alice decision.  Rapid progress has been made and a draft will be ready shortly.  Thank you to all involved and for being so generous with your time.


As always, should you have any articles or blog posts that you would like included in the next publication of the ECLC newsletter, please forward them on.  You can send them to me for now and Mike Dunnam will be in touch in the near future about how that will be handled going forward.  Your submissions need not be formal articles.  Rather, pragmatic, practice focused articles are very much encouraged.


One last note as a reminder, following the Annual Meeting, please be sure to visit the Committee Center on the AIPLA website and select “Update Committee Selections” on the left hand side to renew your ECLC membership.  Committee memberships must now be renewed each year.


I hope to see many of you at the Annual Meeting.


Kindest regards,




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