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Mailing List

Instructions on how to send your committee list:

Use the following email address to send to your committee members:

All Members:​

Voting members:

Important Notes:

  1. You MUST send from the email address AIPLA has on file for you;
  2. You MUST be a current member of AIPLA and you must also be a member of the committee- to add yourself to the committee, please login to and click on Committee Center > Update Committee Selections. Under Services (left navigation menu), click on Update My Committees > My Committee Memberships > Committee Management. Select the committee and the position (Information Only or Active Voting if available) and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page;
  3. “To:” field: You can have only one email address in the To field. If you have more than one, then your email will NOT go. You can use the CC field if you like.
  4. Subject line: 100 characters or less limitation. If your subject line is more than 100 characters, then your email will NOT be delivered.
  5. Attachments: All attachments will be pulled from the email and sent as a link. There is no more size limit; however, we “recommended” keeping your size limit is 2MB. We highly recommend that you save the document to your committee site and send a link. This not only preserves historical information, but will also make it easier if you need to replace the document. NOTE: If you replace the document, please keep the document name exactly the same or the link in your email will break.
  6. Calendar Invites: the system cannot send meeting invites as you typically would through Outlook. It is suggested that you send your meeting invites as an .ics file. If you need help creating an ics file, contact us. You will not see any accepts or declines when you send it this way.
  7. Any replies will go back to the sender;
  8. If you start receiving a lot of out-of-office replies, you know the email was sent successfully.  If not, then make sure you are sending from the email address we have on file for you. Make sure your AIPLA membership is current. Make sure you are a member of the committee.
  9. Undeliverable messages: Please forward to
  10. Problems: Please send an email to Randy Sagara at or Noor Altaweel at with your questions.
  11. Subscribing: To subscribe yourself to a committee list, you will need to join the committee and the wait for the committee to auto-sync at night. To join a committee, login to, navigate to Committee Center > Update Committee Selection [login if you haven’t yet] > Click “Manage My Committees” and select the committee you want to join.
  12. Unsubscribing: In order to remove yourself from the committee email list, you will need to login to and go to Committee Center > Update Committee Selection > Click “Manage My Committees” near upper right corner and deselect the committee you no longer want to receive emails from.
  13. Your message will automatically be distributed to all current subscribers.

To enjoy the full benefits of the lists, please make full use of them. Think of them as on-going conference calls that you can participate in at your leisure.
If you need help, please email the AIPLA.


Only AIPLA members can enjoy this special opportunity. The lists are not open to the outside world, therefore minimizing the likelihood that you will be "spammed". As with any unencrypted email communication, the lists are not meant for private or privileged communications, and you should take the normal precautions.

AIPLA does not moderate the lists or censor the contents of communications. Messages sent through the listserv do not necessarily reflect AIPLA policy, and AIPLA takes no responsibility for the views expressed or the information rendered. AIPLA is not responsible for any delays or consequences of technical failures, etc.

Click here for additional guidelines on the use of these lists.