Opportunities to Serve as Sub-Committee Chair!

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​If you are interested in getting more involved with the Corporate Practice Committee, here is your chance!  We are looking to fill several sub-committee chair positions.  Please contact Janet Craycroft (Chair), Nancy Klembus (Vice Chair), or Jessica Ergmann (Secretary) if you are interested or would like further information.  Thank you!

  1. Sub-Committee Chair, Lunch Bunches/Breakfast Club
    1. Description:  You would work with the committee members to organize lunch bunches (or “Breakfast Club”) meetings in cities across the U.S.  The objective is to give committee members who are located near each other the opportunity to meet informally, network, and build relationships.
  2.  Sub-Committee Chair, Publications
    1. Description:  This is an opportunity to work on a joint publication by AIPLA and BNA.  You – and your team – would develop a proposal and write a book on a topic pertinent to the Corporate Practice Committee.  The topic would need to be one focused on the needs/interests of In-house counsel
  3. Sub-Committee Chair, Corporate Practice Resources
    1. Description:  You would work with this committee to develop IP forms that would be useful for members and which could be included in the Form project underway that is being led by the New Lawyer Committe
  4. Sub-Committee Chair, Legislation
    1. Description:  From time to time, the Corporate Practice Committee is invited to submit an opinion on pending legislation.  You would handle soliciting feedback from the committee that is representative of the committee’s membership and work with Janet and Nancy responding to such requests.
  5. Sub-Committee Chair, Liaison
    1. Description:  In this position, you would reach out to other AIPLA Committees so you can report out on their activities to this committee and its membership while looking for opportunities to collaborate
  6. Sub-Committee Chair, Outreach
    1. Description:  You would reach out to new corporate members and corporate non-members to keep them informed and get them involved. This might include: (i) sending emails to the stated meeting first time attendees (as well as current members) to inform them of the breakfast, social, etc.; (ii) sending emails to corporate non-members who are local to that particular stated meeting to inform them of their free registration and CLE credits as well as the breakfast and brown bag session.





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