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Dear Committee Members,
AIPLA’s Corporate Practice Committee is working with AIPLA to increase participation by our members in the AIPLA educational programs as speakers and moderators at stated meetings, webinars, and other events.  Whether you spoke or moderated in the past or this is something that you have only considered, you know that speaking at an AIPLA event is the perfect opportunity to share your expertise with your fellow AIPLA members while creating visibility for your firm or company and really maximizing the networking that AIPLA provides. 
Our members have vast expertise and knowledge on a variety of IP law topics ready to be shared.  To provide you with an opportunity to be considered as a potential speaker or a moderator and to help the program coordinators to find the right speakers and moderators, we are building a database of our members who are interested in speaking and/or moderating opportunities, including their expertise and topics of preferences.  This way, when the right opportunity comes along, you can be considered as a potential speaker or moderator.
If you are interested in speaking at an AIPLA event, whether at a live meeting or an educational webinar, and to be included in our database, please fill out the survey provided in the link below.  This database information will only be used for the stated purpose of finding speakers and moderators for the AIPLA events, and will not be shared otherwise. 
If you have any questions, contact Jessica Ergmann at Jessica.Ergmann@draeger.com.
Thank you in advance for your participation!
Warm Regards,
Corporate Practice Committee




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