Using your Committee Microsite

All committee chairs have the ability to administer their own site. As a committee chair, you can:

  1. Send an email to your entire committee members (Setting > Email Community Members)
  2. Post a discussion - this will also email you entire committee members.
  3. Post an Event  - this will NOT email your committee members, but you can send an email using one of the 2 options listed above to let them know.
  4. Post a document (PDF, DOC, Slides, Spreadsheet, etc.) and then you will need to notify your committee members via email list above. You can also send an attachment via the email system or discussion and that attachment will get posted to your library.
  5. Post an Announcement - This will not email your members as well. You will need to send a link of the announcement via the 2 ways above.

If you have questions, please contact Randy Sagara at

Click here to learn how to use the collaboration tools for your committee's site.

2 ways to communicate through the new Higher Logic Platform:

  1. Send an email to all committee members -> Settings > Email Community Members
  2. Post a Discussion and it will email the entire committee.