Using your Committee Microsite

All committee chairs have the ability to administer their own site. As a committee chair, you can:

  1. Send an email to your entire committee members (Setting > Email Community Members)
  2. Post a discussion - this will also email you entire committee members.
  3. Post an Event  - you can now post a recurring event by selecting Add Event > add your title, for Event Type select "Recurring Committee Event/Conference Call" > under Repeating Event? toggle to Yes > Send Invitations, toggle to Yes and it will send an invite to all your committee members.
  4. Post a document (PDF, DOC, Slides, Spreadsheet, etc.) and then you will need to notify your committee members via email list above. You can also send an attachment via the email system or discussion and that attachment will get posted to your library.
  5. Post an Announcement - This will not email your members as well. You will need to send a link of the announcement via the 2 ways above.
  6. Surveys and Polling your Voting Members - Please contact AIPLA HQ or Randy Sagara at to help set up your survey and answer any questions about your voting members. We will send you a link to the survey and another link to the survey results which get pushed to you in real time.
  7. Send an email to your Voting Members - go to and login using your AIPLA credentials. After you login, go to your committee's site. You must be "community admin" to send emails to your voting members. If you are then you will see "Settings" either in the upper right corner or next to the committee name in the main frame of the page. Click on Settings > Email Community Members. In the drop down menu, select [Committee Name] - voting members. Complete the rest of your email and send. 

If you have questions, please contact Randy Sagara at

Click here to learn how to use the collaboration tools for your committee's site.