AIPLA List of Arbitrators and Mediators


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AIPLA List of Arbitrators and Mediators


This LIST identifies AIPLA members in good standing who are willing to serve as an arbitrator, mediator, or early neutral evaluator for disputes involving intellectual property.


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  • Paul Burns Paul Burns

    Los Angeles, CA

    Paul is a nationally-recognized patent, copyright, trade secret and trademark mediator and arbitrator in U.S. and international disputes on the panels of AAA, CPR, and INTA.  Paul is listed in Best Lawyers® for Patent Law, Copyright Law and IP Litigation, and teaches IP mediation at Pepperdine Law’s top-rated Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.  Paul serves as Chair of the AIPLA’s ADR Committee, and is admitted to the USPTO and the bars of seven states. To get more information an ...

  • David Hill David Hill

    Jackson, WY

    Arbitrator, Mediator of Patent, Trade Secret, Trademark/Trade Dress, and Copyright Disputes. David Hill's law practice for over 40 years has been 100% Intellectual Property Law. His wide- ranging practice has included patent and trademark prosecution, litigation, licensing negotiations and dispute resolution.  He has particular expertise in the mechanical, electrical and computer software arts, and has been extensively involved with metallurgical and process technologies. His litigation ex ...

  • William LaFuze William LaFuze

    Houston, TX

    Arbitration/Mediation of patent, trade secret, trademark/trade dress, copyright  disputes. Mr. LaFuze’s ADR practice is directed primarily to arbitration work, and primarily to patent, trade secret, and technology-related disputes. Mr. LaFuze has handled many IP arbitrations, both as counsel and as an arbitrator. The subject matter of most of Mr. LaFuze’s work has been in the electronics, computers, internet, smartphone, and oil and gas drilling technology fields. He has handled many cases ...

  • Betty Morgan Betty Morgan

    Philadelphia, PA

    Arbitration/Mediation of patent, trade secret, trademark/trade dress, copyright  disputes. Ms. Morgan is an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) on the Commercial, Employment and Consumer Panels, with NAM and FINRA. As a mediator, she serves on the entertainment, employment, trademark and Philadelphia area panels with the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution(CPR), which peer reviews its members. She is on INTA’s Panel of Mediators and that o ...

  • Roger Parkhurst Roger Parkhurst

    Alexandria, VA

    Arbitration and Mediation of patent, trade secret, and trademark/trade dress disputes.  I have litigated or otherwise been involved in many disputes involving a wide variety of technologies.  (See my Application for this LIST, point 8.e., and my Resume.)  Many of those disputes were settled via arbitration or mediation, and in some disputes I acted as an arbitrator or mediator.  I am certified in mediation by the Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation.