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The 58th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

by Ehab M. Samuel & Michelle (Shelly) S. Temple (Liaisons of the Young Lawyers Committee)


The 2007 Intel International Science an Engineering Fair (ISEF) was held May 13-19 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ISEF is the world's largest pre-college celebration of science. It is held annually in May in a different city and attracts top high school students from around the world. Science Service founded the ISEF in 1950. Science Service administers ISEF each year. Intel Corporation has sponsored the competition in recent years.

(left to right) Esther  Kwak – 1st place, Kemeisha  Patterson – 2nd place, Jonathan  Suncar – 2nd place,
Micah Toll – 2nd place, Ruby Kandah –
1st place, Vikas Anand – 1st place


The winners, including the world’s brightest high school science and engineering students, were awarded nearly $4 million in scholarships, tuition grants, internships and scientific field trips. About 1500 students participated in this year’s ISEF and included students from the United States and 40 countries.

Several awards are presented at ISEF. The “Grand Awards” are presented in various scientific categories, while the “Special Awards” are presented by a number of sponsoring organizations, including the AIPLA.

Judging on behalf of AIPLA this year were Michelle (Shelly) Saquet Temple from DEKA Research & Development Corp., Manchester, New Hampshire and Ehab M. Samuel, from Greenberg Traurig LLP, Orange County, California. This year, AIPLA awarded two “First Awards” of $1,000 and two “Second Awards” of $250.

The AIPLA award winners, in the accompanying pictures with Shelly Temple and Ehab Samuel of AIPLA, were “First Award” winners Vikas Anand and Esther Bora Kwak for “A Novel Technique for the Fabrication of Alginate Microspheres for the Sustained Release of Lidocaine,” “First Award” winner Ruby Kandah for “Improving Mileage Efficiency of Hybrid Cars,” “Second Award” winner Micah Lathaniel Toll for “Rebuilding Lives in Post-Catastrophic Disaster and War Torn Areas: A New Technology for Portable Construction Beams and a Process for Their Production and Use,” and “Second Award” winners Jonathan Kelvin Suncar and Kemeisha Latoya Nastasia Patterson for “Making Your Enemy Your Friend: A Novel Approach to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Using Noxious Weed Extracts.”


(left to right) Micah Toll – 2nd place,
Ehab Samuel and Shelly Temple –
Liaisons of the Young Lawyers Committee



(left to right) Ehab Samuel, Ruby Kandah – 1st place,
and Shelly Temple