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54th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

By Steven J. Helmer, Chair of Young Lawyers Committee


The 54th Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (IISEF) was held May 11-17, 2003, in Cleveland, Ohio.  The IISEF, which takes place each May in a different city, is a competition that attracts top high school students from around the world.  Science Service administers and Intel Corporation sponsors the Fair each year.

The winners, including the world’s brightest high school science and engineering students, were awarded $3 million in scholarships and prizes.   Over 1200 students participated in this year’s Fair that included students from the United States and 38 countries.  A number of the students have patents pending related to their projects. 

Several awards are presented at the IISEF.   The “Grand Awards” are given by the IISEF in various scientific categories and include scholarships, tuition grants, and scientific field trips.  In addition to the Grand Awards, “Special Awards” are presented by numerous sponsoring organizations, including the AIPLA.  Special Awards include scholarships, summer internships, book and equipment grants, scientific field trips, certificates, and cash awards.

Judging on behalf of AIPLA this year were two members of the Young Lawyers Committee:  James Ruel from Robinson & Cole, LLP, Stamford, Connecticut and Patricia McQueeney from Becker & Poliakoff, PA, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  This year’s Special Awards were presented Thursday, May 15, 2003, by lead judges representing the sponsoring organizations.  James Ruel presented the AIPLA awards to the students at the Special Awards Ceremony.

This year, AIPLA awarded two “First Awards” of $1000 and two “Second Awards” of $250, in addition to presenting a certificate to each of these students.

The AIPLA award winners, in the accompanying picture with James Ruel, were “First Award” winners Varun Nagaraja of Bangalore, India for “Diagnosis of Pregnancy in Cattle” and Kegan Crouch of Mason, Texas for “Bugs Away!  Phase II” and “Second Award” winners Priya Rajdev of Ossining, New York for “Identification of Absolute Pitch Processors without the Bias of Musical Training:  The Development of a Screening Procedure that Discerns between Tones” and Efrellene Galula of Agusan del Sur, Philippines for “Anti-bacterial Agent Obtained from the Midgut of Cattle Leeches.”


First Award Winners Varun Nagaraja (left) and Kegan Crouch (right) with AIPLA Judge James Ruel (center)


Second Award Winners Priya Rajdev (left) and Efrellene Galula (right) with AIPLA Judge James Ruel (center)


All AIPLA Award winners with James Ruel (center)