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CLE INFO: Please note that CLE on recorded programming is limited. Each state is different and some states do not recognize “self-study” since it is not a live program. You will need to contact your state bar(s) for specific rules.  Please contact Raquel Alleyne, CLE Coordinator, at with any questions.



AIA Webinars



Committee and Other Webinars
2013 2013 2013 2013 2013
​The New Battle Field: One Year Review of Post-Grant Patent Review Under the America Invents Act
CLS Bank v. Alice Corp: (Computer-Implemented Inventions/Section 101)
Ethical Issues in Patent Litigation & Practice Before the USPTO
​Patent Infringement Claims and Opinions of Counsel
​Patent Prosecution Highway: Best Practices for Navigating this International Drive
​Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics: Navigating the Isolated DNA Patent Eligibility Jungle

Ethics in Patent Prosecution

E-Discovery in District Court Cases & ITC Investigations: Do You Really Know Today's Requirements?

Lessons Learned and Other Observations on the New Review Proceedings from Both Sides of the Bench

Unwrapping the New USPTO Professional Responsibility and Ethics Rules: An Overview of What's in Store Ready for the AIA:  Practice Pointers for the First-Inventor-to-File Switch Sidebar with AIPLA: An Inside Look at the CLS Bank v. Alice Corp. Oral Argument.
PTO Examiner Interviewing Techniques and Tips in the Era of Hoteling, Webex and Videoconferencing Ready to Counsel Clients on Post-Grant Proceedings and Practice Before the New PTAB? AIPLA Sidebar: Federal Trade Commission v. Actavis, Inc., U.S., No. 12-416
​The Patentability of Business Methods Under 35 U.S.C. 101: Where We Stand Today
Special Topics in Patent Remedies:  Market Share  Rule, Entire Market Value Rule, Preliminary Injunctions and Non-Infringing Substitutes
Novel Venture Capital Financing and Resources for the Development of New Drugs and Diagnostics
The State of Exhaustion: Patents, Copyrights, and Self-Replicating Technologies
2012 2012 2012 2012 2012
Don’t Lose Your Appeal! Learn about the New Ex Parte Rules

AIA Series Part III

Post-Issuance Activities and Enforcement of Patents Under the America Invents Act
Non-Traditional Trademarks and the Trifecta of IP Protection Bayh-Dole: The Basics and Beyond
Selecting the Right Expert to Put on (or Poke Holes in) a Patentee's Case

AIA Series Part IV

Effects of the America Invents Act on Valuation, Licensing & Acquisitions
Trademark Infringement Remedies: Problems and Solutions

Overcoming Client Development Challenges for Women Lawyers
Career & Practice Management
Section 101 Gatekeepers: Finding the Patentable Subject Matter Line in a Judicial Sandstorm

The Final USPTO AIA Rules: What You Need to Know

​gTLDs: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Generic Top-Level Domains The AIPLA Mentoring Committee: Making the Most out of Mentoring
Career & Practice Management
Are You the Weakest Link? Making Certain that In-House and Outside Counsel Protect Their Client’s Trade Secrets

AIA Series Part V

Day One Challenges: Oath & Declaration, PCT filings, and more... Practitioner Practice Tips

Developments in Patenting Biotechnology Around the Globe: Canada, Europe and Japan
Patent Prosecution Under the AIA: Strategies For Before, During and After the Transition to First-Inventor-to-File

AIA Series Part VI Post-Grant Proceedings Under the AIA What You Need to Know Today

Restriction of Markush Claims: Theory and Reality
ITC Proceedings and Beyond A Practitioner’s Guide to AIA Changes that Affect Everyday Practice Mayo v. Prometheus: Did the Bell Toll for Personalized Medicine Patents?
Picking a PCT International Searching Authority and Ethics Issues with PCT Powers of Attorney
USITC Section 337: Updates from the Bench & Bar
USPTO Statistics Initiative





​Patent Appeals Practice Tips Before the BPAI Practical Implications: The Impact of the America Invents Act ABC's of Trademark Prosecution at the USPTO The Coming Copyright Termination Crisis Predictability in Solid State Chemistry and Patents

KSR and the Ripple Effect: Examining the Broad and Increasing Impact of KSR on Patent Litigation and Practice USPTO Implementation of the America Invents Act Outside/In-House Counsel: A Dynamic Dialogue
Career & Practice Management
Patent Interference Practice: What You Really Need To Know AIA Series Part II Pre-Grant Procedures for Patent Practitioners Under the America Invents Act: Filing and Prosecuting Patent Applications Stanford v. Roche: The Decision and What it Means to You and Your Clients

Using the Reexamination Process in Validating Patents Granted Prior to KSR and Avoiding and Winning Appeal Post-KSR Ready to Counsel Clients on Post-Grant Proceedings and Practice Before the New PTAB? AIPLA Internet Schulung/AIPLA Online Program
Career & Practice Management
Inequitable Conduct and the Federal Circuit: Where are We Now? AMP v. US PTO: Section 101 and DNA Sequence Patents
​Post-Trial Procedures in Patent Litigation: Impacting Liability and Monetary Judgments The Nuts and Bolts of Using a Testing Laboratory in Patent Litigation - Legal and Practical Issues

​Life in the Fast Lane – PCT – Patent Prosecution Highway Filings Obtaining and Enforcing Patents on Bioinformatic and Diagnostic Inventions
​Cost Effective Approaches to Trade Secret Policies and Procedures for Client-Driven Needs
​Patent Prosecution: Recent Case Law Developments That Will Impact Your Practice
Streamlining and Expediting Patent Examination: Taking Advantage of New USPTO Programs Including Examiner Interviews and Track I

Negotiation Ethics: Guidance for the Intellectual Property Practitioner




Recordings prior to 2011 may be purchased by contacting AIPLA headquarters at (703) 415-0780.