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AIPLA Committee Webinars

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Many of AIPLA's 50+ Committees regularly host webinars focused on the subject matter areas in which
they are experts.  Many of these webinars are a free, member-exclusive offering!


Patent Priority Claiming at IP5 – Dos and Don'ts

Patent rights are territorial.  Right seekers often file first in their home country and then in one or more foreign countries via priority claiming to both preserve the earlier home country filing date and to gain time for market assessment in foreign markets.  These marketing activities are often intended to be strategic for the right seekers and their businesses, which makes knowing well the priority claiming as a patent management tool undoubtedly crucial for the practitioners to achieve the best possible representation.  This webinar aims to examine various features of priority claiming in the U.S. and several other active patent jurisdictions, namely Japan, Europe, China and Korea, and at the very least to provide an analysis roadmap for inquiries on priority claiming with a comparative view before these five jurisdictions.

Speakers: Timothy Murphy of Carlson, Gaskey & Olds, P.C.; Masahiro Osaka of Metrolexis Law Group; Dr. Barbara Bigby of Dehns; and Dr. Junqi Hang of  Dragon IP​

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 ​ ​Air Date - August 29, 2018​  ​   


Obviousness of Antibodies and other Biologics

This Webinar will highlight several approaches that have proven effective to overcome obviousness challenges for biologic drug patents, and will include USPTO and practitioner perspectives and recommendations for how to handle obviousness rejections for antibody and other biologic technologies. Immunotherapeutic biologics, including antibodies and cell-based therapies of increasing complexity, are at the forefront of advanced therapies for cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.  With patents to biologics subject to frequent patentability rejections and challenges during prosecution and in PTAB proceedings, and findings of obviousness being common, this webinar will give the audience an opportunity to discuss challenges and strategies from multiple perspectives--invaluable information for those obtaining and defending biologic patents before the USPTO and in court.

Speakers: Carla Mouta-Bellum of Arrigo, Lee, Guttman & Mouta-Bellum, LLP; Vanessa Ford of USPTO; Vicki Norton of Duane Morris LLP; and moderated by Nicholas Landau of  Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP​

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 ​ ​Air Date - September 19, 2018​  ​   



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