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AIPLA Committee Webinars

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Many of AIPLA's 50+ Committees regularly host webinars focused on the subject matter areas in which
they are experts.  Many of these webinars are a free, member-exclusive offering!

Giving your designs a Latin Flair - What You need to know before you file.

Industrial Design is the least harmonized area of IP and often different countries have different (sometimes VERY different) requirement for your drawing and the rest of the application.   In many cases, you need to have your country compliant drawings filing in your US case so that you have a valid priority claim.  Come learn from experienced practitioners from Mexico, Brazil and Colombia so your design applications have the appropriate local style.​

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Speakers: ​Eduardo da Gama Camara Junior of Dannemann Siemsen; Andres Rincon of Cavelier Abogados; Vicente Octavio Espejo Hinojosa of Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C.; Moderated by Eugenio Perez of Uhthoff Gomez Vega & Uhthoff SC

Debriefing the Supreme Court’s Tam Decision

The Supreme Court held unanimously that the Lanham Act's prohibition against registering disparaging trademarks with the USPTO violates the First Amendment. Join AIPLA for a breakdown of the case and implications for trademark law moving forward.​

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Speakers: Christine Farley of American University Washington College of Law​; Christina Hieber of US Patent and Trademark Office; Ron Coleman of Archer, P.C.; moderated by Sheldon Klein of Gray Plant Mooty

​Biotech IPRs: What have we learned?

The percentage of issued Biotechnology patents that have been petitioned for IPR is higher than when compared to other technology areas. And yet, Biotech IPRs have the lowest percentage of institution rates. In this webinar, the speakers will discuss what might be behind these numbers and what they mean for petitioners and responders in the biotech field. Key cases and their relevance to IPR practice and prosecution will be presented. Whether or not IPRs are going to survive as a procedure for patent invalidation remains to be decided by the Supreme Court, which will review their constitutionality in the case of Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC. Meanwhile, there is a lot to learn from what has happened already.

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Speakers: ​Amanda Murphy of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP; Malaika Tyson of ​McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Ltd.


New Lawyers Committee presents... Lost in Translation:  Communicating Effectively with Foreign Clients about Trademarks

The practice of trademark law is often very international.  What topics and issues should you look for when working with foreign clients?  How can you best represent a client that is seeking to expand its business to other countries?  How can you effectively communicate with foreign clients and attorneys in other countries?

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Speakers: ​Roxana Sullivan of Dennemeyer & Associates, LLC; Kathleen Lemieux of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP; moderated by S. Erik Combs of Pirkey Barber, PLLC

A presentation from the New Lawyers Committee.  Member-benefit exclusive!


​The 101 Million Dollar Question: Is It Patentable Subject Matter?

The Supreme Court’s Alice decision, and the Federal Circuit cases that followed, reshaped patent law. Indeed, Section 101 now impedes or effectively prohibits many companies from acquiring patent protection. On the other hand, some view Section 101 as a tool for preventing “weak” patents from granting, and for challenging such patents. Our panel will discuss 1) legislative proposals for amending Section 101, and 2) the use of post grant review proceedings as a 101 vehicle at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

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Speakers: ​Robert Stoll of Drinker Biddle; Jonathan Stroud oUnified Patents​

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