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AIPLA Committee Webinars

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Many of AIPLA's 50+ Committees regularly host webinars focused on the subject matter areas in which
they are experts.  Many of these webinars are a free, member-exclusive offering!


​Emerging Biotech - the Dawn of a New Age​


The Biotech and Emerging Technologies committees are presenting a webinar covering the technological convergence between biotechnology and emerging technology.  Topics to be covered include personalized medicine, 3D printing, nanotechnology, CRISPR, the internet of things, neural networks and the use of artificial intelligence in diagnostics.  IP and regulatory topics that will be covered include the patent eligible subject matter in the U.S. and abroad, the USPTO Section 101 patent eligible subject matter examples for Life Sciences, the 271(e)(1) Safe Harbor for FDA Submissions (Momenta) and CRISPR patent pools.

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Speakers: ​Jennifer Bush of Organovo; Debora Plehn-Dujowich of Saul Ewing LLP; Daniel McKinley of Gestalt and Kristin Neuman of MPEG LA, LLC. (moderated by) Jack Peterson of Sequenom

 ​Air Date - September 20, 2017


Summer School - Supreme Court Update

The Supreme Court was busy issuing opinions in IP related cases this year and the district and circuit courts were busy all summer interpreting what the Supreme court did. Three leading IP practitioners will update on the recent cases in patent, trademarks and copyrights. Shifting the Boundaries in Patent Law; Football, Rock Stars, and Dirty Words: How Matal v. Tam Gives a New Slant to the Lanham Act.; and Dresses, Ditties, Dancing Babies, and the DMCA: How 2017 Is Shaping the Face of Copyright Law

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Speakers: ​David Diamond of Richard Law Group; Leisa Peschel of Jackson Walker LLP​; and P. Daniel Bond of Kirkland & Ellis LLPeakers

 ​ ​Air Date - September 28, 2017


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