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AIPLA Committee Webinars

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Many of AIPLA's 50+ Committees regularly host webinars focused on the subject matter areas in which
they are experts.  Many of these webinars are a free, member-exclusive offering!


Proper Combination of References for Obviousness (KSR v. Teleflex Progeny)


Think you now when it's proper to combine references when presenting an obviousness argument? Think again! This presentation clarifies the overgeneralization that the 2007 Supreme Court decision in KSR v. Teleflex has suffered, almost from its first publication.  The KSR case stands for much more than most casual observers understand, and this presentation highlights key language within KSR that demonstrates when two references can be properly combined, and when they cannot.  Various technologies are also touched upon in the Federal Circuit cases that interpret KSR, and this presentation explores such caselaw to help understand how to properly combine references, and how to explain when such combinations are improper.

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Speakers:  Frederick Gibb of Gibb & Riley, LLC; Gregory Stone of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P..​

 ​ ​Air Date - December 6, 2017​



Ethics Issues in PTAB Proceedings


AIA trial proceedings present heightened risks for practitioners unaccustomed to participating in a live, patent prosecution history. Unlike traditional court-based trial proceedings, the PTAB layers on additional ethical requirements and duties of candor for practitioners. Counsel for patent owners that successfully navigate an AIA trial proceeding are particularly vulnerable in this regard. Winning at the PTAB may result in such practitioners being thrust into an inequitable conduct phase of a later district court suit. This panel will provide an overview of the ethical obligations of parties and counsel, including the duties of candor and good faith, as well as the PTAB’s still-evolving disclosure obligations. The panel will also examine recent developments, the role of the Office of Enrollment & Discipline (OED) and recent cases assessing allegations of misconduct and considering the imposition of sanctions.

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Speakers:  Scott McKeown of Ropes & Gray LLP; Michael McCabe  of McCabe Law LLC

 ​ ​Air Date - December 13, 2017​


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