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Special Registration Opportunities

Special Invitation for First-Time In-House Corporate Counsel Attendees

At the 2007 Spring Meeting, AIPLA launched a pilot program to encourage in-house corporate counsel to attend AIPLA stated meetings to see first-hand the outstanding CLE programs we provide.  

We are pleased to continue this special offer for the 2011 Spring Meeting. For first-time attendees who are corporate in-house counsel, AIPLA will waive the registration fee.  Tickets to the events are not included in this registration.  You will need to pay for those events separately.  This waiver of fees is available for one stated meeting only.  

To  take advantage of this one-time offer, simply complete the registration form and fax it to us at 703-412-1304.  Once AIPLA has verified that this is your first stated meeting and that you meet the in-house corporate counsel criteria, you will receive a registration confirmation.  Our hope is that you enjoy your experience at your first AIPLA meeting and that you will join us again for future programs and become more actively involved with the work of the Association, especially through involvement with the Committees.

If you qualify for this special offer, please select the box listed as “first-time corporate in-house counsel” on the registration form. (onlineRegForm.pdfDownload 2011 Spring Meeting Registration form here)

Recruit and Save!   Our Member-Get-A-Member Program

Take a look at the benefits of recruiting a new member:

  • Reduction of your 2011 Spring Meeting Registration fee in increments of $50.00 for each REGULAR, PATENT AGENT (in practice more than 5 years), or FOREIGN AFFILIATE member you recruit and $25.00 for each JUNIOR or PATENT AGENT-JUNIOR MEMBER you recruit.
  • An invitation to attend the New Member/First-Time Attendee Reception.

To recruit new members, tell them about the special benefits of joining now:

  • A non-member who applies for Regular, Junior, or Foreign Affiliate membership before May 12, 2011, will be credited for membership through June 30, 2012
  • They can then register for the 2011 Spring Meeting at the member rate of $895 instead of the non-member rate of $1105—a savings of $210! Register before April 28, 2011 and save an additional $100 off the registration fee!
  • Each new member who registers for the Spring Meeting will receive a special invitation in their registration packet to attend the New Member/First-Time Attendee Reception.

After the newly recruited member has completed the membership application form(s) (SM2011_membershipApplication.pdfDownload Membership Application Form):

  • Sign on the Recruiter line.
  • Important: Include the Membership Application Form with your 2011 Spring Meeting Registration Form (onlineRegForm.pdfDownload 2011 Spring Meeting Registration form here)​ to ensure proper credit.
  • Fax both to 703.412.1304 or mail both to AIPLA Headquarters, 241 18th Street South, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22202.
  • If you are a first time AIPLA meeting attendee, be sure to indicate it and send back a copy of your event confirmation.

We hope to see you there!​