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2018 AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute


Thank you for attending!


To those of you who took part in our 2018 Mi-Winter Institute - we thank you and hope that you had a valuable experience​ attending CLE education sessions and connecting with your peers in IP law from around the world.

The meeting's session materials are posted online and available now to all registrants. AIPLA members, who were unable to attend this meeting, will have access to the papers and presentations at the end of July 2018.





Disclaimer: AIPLA is a nonprofit national bar association. The sole purpose of this CLE program is to provide educational and informational content. AIPLA does not provide legal services or advice. The opinions, views and other statements expressed by contributors to this CLE program are solely those of the contributors. These opinions, views and statements of the contributors do not necessarily represent those of AIPLA and should not be construed as such.​​​​​