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2017 AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute



Savory and Sweet Bites of Advanced IP Law and Practice

Programmed to satisfy your appetite and leave you with spoon fed take-aways of advanced topics, the 2017 AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute is aimed to have a little something for everyone. Admittedly, we have had fun with our program titles for this midwinter meeting, but we are dead serious about our content! 

Courses with short presentations covering:

  • Traditional topics, including:

    • Case management strategies;

    • Licensing;

    • Due diligence; and,

    • Litigation-related tips.

  • Hot topics, including:

    • ​Food and drug;

    • Biotech and software;

    • International perspectives in design patents and around the world IP considerations; and,

    • Changes in Federal rules, requirements of local patent rules.

  • Other “Savory and Sweet” topics, including:

    • ​The protection of quasi-legal endeavors like protecting marijuana-based IP;

    • Open source;

    • 3D printing;

    • Online marketplaces and the dark web;

    • Music streaming and sampling;

    • Issues arising from innovative technologies in a crowded and litigious field (a patent scrum);

    • All things PTAB;

    • Risk assessment in firm management;

    • Evolving career considerations; and,

    • Handling inventorship headaches. 



Disclaimer: AIPLA is a nonprofit national bar association. The sole purpose of this CLE program is to provide educational and informational content. AIPLA does not provide legal services or advice. The opinions, views and other statements expressed by contributors to this CLE program are solely those of the contributors. These opinions, views and statements of the contributors do not necessarily represent those of AIPLA and should not be construed as such.​​​​​

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