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2014 Committee Expo • Friday, January 31, 2014

Come to a unique showcase of AIPLA's Committees to learn more about their mission and accomplishments.

AIPLA's Committees provide dynamic leadership for AIPLA and the IP community. Their contributions are though-leading and key to AIPLA's recognized worldwide leadership in IP law. AIPLA's Committees also are remarkable in their eagerness to enlist your energy in their work -- to your personal benefit and theirs.

AIPLA has grouped its Committees into clusters or groups. The following Groups will meet on Friday, January 31 from
4:30 - 5:30.

​Member Services Committees
Education Services Committees
Global Committees
​AIPLA Fellows ​Education ​AIPPI-US
​Corporate Practice ​International Education ​International and Foreign Law
​Diversity in IP Law ​IP Law Associations ​IP Practice in China
​Law Students ​Law Practice Management ​IP Practice in Europe
​Membership ​Online Programs ​IP Practice in Israel
​Mentoring ​Professional Programs ​IP Practice in Japan
​New Lawyers ​Professionalism and Ethics ​IP Practice in Latin America
​Public Appointments ​Public Education ​IP Practice in the Far East
​Women in IP Law
​Patent Cooperation Treaty Issues
​Patent Relations with the USPTO
​Patent Treaties and International Policy
​Trademark Treaties and International Law