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Saturday Session Handouts


Grand Ballroom A-E, 2nd level

A View from the Top—Worldwwide IP Office Commissioners’ Perspectives on the Critical Role of IP in Their Countries and in the Global Economy, and Their Impact on Your Clients’ Business

Global Perspectives

In a rare, joint appearance, five senior officials, including four Heads of key Intellectual Property Offices from around the world, who give their perspective on the current challenges their offices face, the role their office plays in the state of business and the economy of their country, how IP affects the economy in their country, both domestically and in the global economy, and ultimately, how this affects US companies doing business in their country.

The Honorable Jorge Ávila, President, Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Paper)

The Honorable Peter K. Y. Cheung, Registrar of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Intellectual Property Department, The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Slides)

The Honorable Miguel Angel Margain, Director General, Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, Mexico City, Mexico (Paper)

US Perspective

The newly designated Acting Director of the US Patent and Trademark Office will speak on the global nature of IP as it relates to the world economy, how businesses compete in the globalized economy utilizing IP as a business asset and strategic tool. She will explain what the USPTO and the US government are doing for IP in key economies around the world, and provide a vision for the next few years at the USPTO.

The Honorable Teresa Stanek Rea, Deputy Director, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA

Developing Country Perspective

A noted technology transfer expert from one of the key countries in the developing world will give his perspective on the role that IP plays in the development of economies that are beginning to be significant players in the world economy, and what US businesses can do to be part of the future of these key economies.

Dr. Jonathan S. Youngleson, Head, National Intellectual Property Management Office, Department of Science and Technology, South Africa (Slides)


Grand Ballroom A-E, 2nd level

Sponsored by: Marks & Clerk, LLP


A Worldwide Lateral View—Global Strategies for Using IP to Maximize Success Entering and Doing Business in Emerging Economies

Moderator: Q. Todd Dickinson, Executive Director, AIPLA, Arlington, VA

The five powerhouse speakers from the Global Commissioners’ Plenary Session, along with a noted expert on Eastern Europe and the countries in transition, will join Moderator Q. Todd Dickinson, AIPLA Executive Director and Former Director of the USPTO, in an ineractive far-ranging discussion of the role of IP in their countries, and in the modern global economy.

Participants will hear the panelists’ views on:

  • In what ways is IP critical to their countries’ economies in recent years, and how will that increase in the coming years?
  • What is the impact of the increasingly globalized economy on how each country deals with the thorny questions of IP protection as a business asset?
  • Has the role of the IP offices changed along with the changing global economy? Is the IP system keeping pace with economic change?
  • How can the IP offices worldwide collaborate in view of the borderless nature of the modern global economy?
  • What do US businesses have to do in order to thrive in the emerging economies? How can US firms that do business there help those economies grow, modernize and thrive?

The discussion will focus on the impact these issues have on US companies entering the market and doing business in these economies, and how they can maximize their impact and success in light of the modern global market.


The Honorable Teresa Stanek Rea

The Honorable Jorge Ávila

The Honorable Peter K. Y. Cheung

The Honorable Miguel Angel Margain

Mr. Vladimir Yossifov, Former WIPO Tech Transfer Expert, WIPO Tech Transfer Office, Sophia, Bulgaria (Paper1, Paper 2, Paper 3, Paper 4)

Dr. Jonathan S. Youngleson

Question and Answer Session