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Registration Is Now Open! There are 3 Ways to Register!
(AIPLA Members inviting clients or colleagues, see the special registration opportunities.)


2. Download and Fax your Registration Form to
703.412.1304 (credit card payments only)!

3. Download and Mail your Registration Form to:

241 18th Street South, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22202

Registration Hours

AIPLA Registration features the Cyber Café, Technology Center, CLE Information Booth and vendors showcasing IP products and services.

  • Tuesday, January 29: 4:00–7:00 pm (Pre-registration only)
  • Wednesday, January 30: 11:00 am–5:30 pm
  • Thursday, January 31: 8:00 am–5:30 pm
  • Friday, February 1: 8:00 am–5:30 pm
  • Saturday, February 2: 8:00 am–12:00 noon*
*CLE Information Booth will remain open until 1pm on Saturday


Special Registration Opportunities

Because of the unique program we’re offering, AIPLA is proud to offer a variety of special registration discounts and options for the Mid-Winter Institute. 

Special Invitation for First-Time In-House Corporate Counsel Attendees 

AIPLA offers a program to encourage in-house corporate counsel to attend AIPLA major meetings to see first-hand the outstanding CLE programs we provide. We are pleased to continue this special offer for the 2013 Mid-Winter Institute. For individuals who have never attended an AIPLA major meeting, such as a Spring, Annual or Mid-Winter Meeting, who are also corporate in-house counsel, AIPLA will waive the registration fee. Tickets to the events are not included in this registration. You will need to pay for those events separately. This waiver of fees is available for one stated meeting only. To take advantage of this one-time offer, simply complete the registration form and fax it to us at (703) 412-1304. Once AIPLA has verified that this is your first stated meeting and that you meet the in-house corporate counsel criteria, you will receive a registration confirmation. Our hope is that you enjoy your experience at your first AIPLA meeting and that you will join us again for future programs and become more actively involved with the work of the Association, especially through involvement with the Committees. If you qualify for this special offer, please select the box listed as “first-time corporate in-house counsel” on the registration form. 

AIPLA Members Bringing a Client/Corporate Colleague

AIPLA members are encouraged to invite non-member clients and/or corporate colleagues (not eligible to be an AIPLA member) to attend the 2013 Mid-Winter Institute.  Your client or corporate colleague can attend at the AIPLA member rate. We will provide you a coupon code to share with your client/colleague so that they can register online.  Contact us at to receive the code. Your client or corporate colleague can also register via paper by checking the “AIPLA/LES Member or Client/Corporate Colleague of an AIPLA Member” box on the registration form and including your name on the form.

Corporate Small Business Executives/Entities

For corporate business attendees, if your company has fewer than than 250 employees, you will receive 25% off the registration fee. To register online at this discounted rate, please contact AIPLA at for a coupon code. If you are registering using a paper registration form, check the “Corporate Small Entity” box. As an added incentive, if you’re not an AIPLA member and join AIPLA at the same time as you register, you can register at the member rate, which is a savings of $455. Access the special membership application from the Mid-Winter Institute webpage at

LES Members can register at the AIPLA Member rate

We are pleased to team up with LES for this unique program, and are happy to offer LES members who are not already members of AIPLA, the ability to register at the AIPLA member rate.  You’ll need a special code to register at the AIPLA rate, so please contact​ to receive the proper code for online registration.  If using the paper registration form, simply check the “AIPLA/LES Member” box.

Recruit a New Member and Save!

Recruit a new member and earn a reduction of your 2013 Mid-Winter Institute Registration fee in increments of $50 for each Regular, Patent Agent (in practice more than five years), or Foreign Affiliate member you recruit and $25 for each Junior or Patent Agent-Junior member you recruit. There is no limit to the discount you can earn. You will also receive an invitation to attend the New Member/First-Time Attendee Reception, Wednesday, January 31, 2012, 5:00–6:30 pm.
To recruit new members, tell them about the special benefits of joining now:
They can register for the 2013 Mid-Winter Institute at the member rate of $1025 instead of the non-member rate of $1,480—a savings of $455! Register before January 7, 2013, and save an additional $100 off the registration fee!
 Each new member who registers for the Mid-Winter Institute will receive a special invitation in their registration packet to attend the New Member/ First-Time Attendee Reception.
Access the Special Membership Application today​. After the newly recruited member has completed the membership application form(s):Sign on the Recruiter line.
Important: Include the Membership Application form(s) with your 2013 Mid-Winter Institute Registration Form to ensure proper credit.Fax both to (703) 412-1304, or mail both to AIPLA Headquarters, 241 18th Street South, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22202.If you are a first-time AIPLA meeting attendee, be sure to indicate it on the registration form.

Important registration and cancellation information

HOTEL RATES AND CUTOFF: The cutoff date for making reservations at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina is January 6, 2013. It is important to make your hotel reservations early. Call in your reservation at (888) 789-3090 or (813) 221-4900 and ask for the AIPLA Annual Meeting rate - $239.00 (single/double), or Book Online Today.
     • ONLINE: You should receive an email confirmation shortly after you complete the process. Please keep this confirmation for your records.
     • FAX: Faxed registrations must contain credit card information, signature of the cardholder, and expiration date. AIPLA fax number: (703) 412-1304 (for registrations only). DO NOT FAX REGISTRATION AND THEN MAIL A COPY. IT MAY BE PROCESSED TWICE AND YOU MAY BE BILLED TWICE.
     • MAIL: Mail registrations to: AIPLA, 241 18th Street, South, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22202.
     • INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATIONS: If you submit a registration via fax with credit card payment, do not send a “confirmation copy” via mail as it may be processed twice, and you may be billed twice. If you are paying by check, please mail your registration. You may fax (703) 412-1304 a copy of your check and registration to account for possible foreign mail delay. Payment for meeting registration must be in US currency.
RETURNED CHECK AND CREDIT CARD FEES: Registrations received that result in a returned check or contain incomplete credit card information, including omitted signature, omitted expiration date, wrong number sequences, etc., will be charged a $35 fee for each instance.
CANCELLATION: Cancel by January 4, 2013 and receive a refund less a $50 processing fee. Cancel between January 5–16, 2013 and receive a refund less a $250 processing fee. No refunds issued after close of business January 17, 2013. Cancellations must be made in writing. Please mail or fax—(703) 415-1304—your cancellation in writing to AIPLA, 241 18th Street, South, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22202. Any refunds will be processed after the meeting.
CAUTION: If you duplicate your registration with AIPLA, it is your responsibility to notify AIPLA in writing after the meeting and request a refund. No refunds will be given at the meeting site.
REGISTRATION TRANSFER: Registrants may transfer their registration based on the following:
     • Members may transfer their registration to other members.
     • Non-members may transfer their registration to other non-members.
     • A transfer from a member to a non-member will incur an additional fee equal to the difference in registration rates.

PHOTOGRAPHS & VIDEO: There will be photographs and video taken throughout AIPLA’s 2013 Mid-Winter Institute that will be used in AIPLA print and electronic publications, including AIPLA’s website.