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Committee Reports

In 2013, we organized our Committees into “Groupings” to encourage collaboration and information sharing. Their reports are presented below by Committee Groupings. 

The Groupings are: 

  • Content & Branding
  • Education Services
  • International
  • Member Services
  • Patents
  • Specialized IP and Policy 

Content & Branding Committees ​
Member Services Committees
Education Services Committees

International Committees
  • International and Foreign Law
  • IP Practice in China
  • IP Practice in Europe
  • IP Practice in the Far East
  • IP Practice in Israel
  • IP Practice in Japan
  • IP Practice in Latin America
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty Issues​
  • Trademark Treaties and International Law
  • US Bar-European Patent Office Liaison Council​
  • US Bar-Japan Patent Office Liaison Council
  • US Bar-China’s State Intellectual Property Office Liaison Council

Patents Committees
Specialized IP and Policy Committees