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US Bar - EPO Liaison Council 10-10-12

The US Bar – EPO Liaison Council is a group of delegates of approximately 30 US IP organizations that exists for the limited purposes of meeting annually with officials of the European Patent Office and disseminating information about EPO practice. Mike Kirk and John Pegram are the current AIPLA delegates.The Council met all day at the EPO in Munich on October 10, 2012. Reports on the meeting and papers presented by the EPO are at the links below.


Summary Meeting Report by AIPLA Delegate

Meeting report by another delegate


  • Topic 1 - Report of the European Patent Office
  • Topic 2 - The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court
  • Topic 3 - PCT Strategy - EPO Proposals to strengthen the PCT
  • Topic 4 - Recent caselaw from the Enlarged Board of Appeals
  • Topic 5 - Raising the Bar Follow-up
  • Topic 6 - Practice Issues
  • Topic 7 - Practice Changes, actual and considered
  • Topic 8 - IP 5 and Trilateral Cooperation
  • Topic 9 - Report on work-sharing