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January 2017 Global Meetings

Members of AIPLA leadership participated in various international meetings from January 15-20 at the European Patent Office in Munich. Executive Director, Lisa Jorgenson, Deputy Executive Director, Chen Wang, and members of the AIPLA Harmonization Task Force (Tony Venturino, David Hill and Alan Kasper) attended all of these meetings. On January 15 and 16, the Industry Trilateral organization (AIPLA, IPO, Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA), and Business Europe (BE)) met to continue efforts and discussions on substantive patent harmonization topics.  Discussions primarily centered on non-prejudicial prior art (grace period), conflicting applications, and prior user rights issues. 

On January 17, a meeting of the IP5 Industry organizations (industry trilateral members identified above plus Korea Intellectual Property Association (KINPA) and Patent Protection Association of China (PPAC)) was held to prepare for a meeting of the Global Dossier Task Force to take place on the following day The Task Force includes relevant personnel of the five IP5 Patent Offices, as well as the members of the IP5 Industry organizations. That IP5 Global Dossier Task Force meeting on January 18 reviewed the status and usage of the Global Dossier to date, and discussions were held on the future needs and priorities for further development of this important IP5 project. The Global Dossier through the USPTO is here.

Finally, a meeting on January 19 was held of the newly established IP5 Industry Consultation Group (ICG). This group recently was formed by the IP5 Offices in order to address a wide range of IP5 topics and projects going beyond the scope of the Global Dossier, for example converting from a system where users file in .pdf to filing in XML by filing in .docx.

IP5 Global Dossier Taskforce Meeting - January 2017 ​

 IP5 Industry Consultation Group Meeting - January 2017