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Women in IP Law

Our Mission

Inspiring and empowering women in IP to reach their potential.
The Women in IP committee strives to be a leader in the awareness and understanding of women’s issues in IP.  We develop content to facilitate our members’ professional development and to maximize a truly balanced and inspired life.  Most importantly, we are committed to creating a community of empowered, connected members that support and celebrate one another.

Women in IP Report and Workplan Jan 2018.docxWomen in IP Report and Workplan Jan 2018.docx
2017 October WIP Work Plan.pdf2017 October WIP Work Plan.pdf
2020 WOB 2017 Gender Diversity Index.pdf2020 WOB 2017 Gender Diversity Index.pdf


Retention and Advancement Subcommittee
This subcommittee was initiated to address the challenges facing women in the intellectual property law workplace that have resulted in more women than men leaving the IP profession and a lack of women leaders within their workplace's management structure. Visit our subcommittee page to see our agenda for addressing these concerns for women and their employers.

Outreach Subcommittee
Our goal is to provide an opportune and efficient means for women to build camaraderie with other women practicing IP at local and global levels.In this regard, we organize a variety of global events such as:
•    The Women in IP Cares Community Service Event, 
•    The Women in IP Global Networking Event, 
•    Delegation Events, and
•    Stated Meeting Breakfast Events.

Visit our subcommittee page for more information.

Personal and Professional Development Subcommittee
Our goal is to provide opportunities and activities for women in IP to grow personally and professionally. Accordingly, we organize a variety of activities such as:

•    The Lean In Circle, 
•    The Book Club, 
•    The Speaker Bank,
•    The Women to Watch Series,
•    The TSC Liaison Program, and
•    The Collaboration Program.

Visit our subcommittee page for more information.

Presence and Branding Subcommittee​

Our goal is to keep the committee members informed of all the exciting work all the other subcommittees do. We achieve this through a number of outlets, such as:

•    Social Media, 
•    Blog and Newsletter, 
•    Microsite,
•    Lyris list emails, and
•    Sponsorship recognition.

Visit our subcommittee page for more information.

 Committee Announcements

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 Committee Documents

From Visibile Invisibility to Visibly Successful.pdf
12/23/2010 4:27 PM
Law Society of Upper Canada Final report - Retention of Women in Private Practice Working Group.pdf
12/23/2010 4:27 PM
Women Attorneys Business Development Study by Dr. Harry Keshet, 2007.pdf
12/23/2010 4:27 PM
Women of Color Attorneys, Breaking Through the Concrete Ceiling.pdf
12/23/2010 4:27 PM