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Youth Education

Educating the next generations about intellectual property is critical to the success and sustainability of our Patent, Trademark, and Copyright systems which incentivize and reward inventors, suppliers of goods and services, and authors for their contributions.  As a part of our youth education efforts, the AIPLA Public Education Committee has developed the following featured content which includes presentation materials intended  for our membership and educators to use in making age appropriate presentations to next generation inventors, authors and promoters of our strong and vibrant intellectual property system. Resource links are also provided to sites which contain useful materials and more presentations directed to various age groups.

Featured Content!


PowerPoint Presentation:
Intellectual Property for Elementary/Middle School
AIPLA Public Education Committee
Sal Anastasi
and Scott Daniels

Download PowerPoint Presentation (7 MB)

IP Lawyers-Career Day Presentation (5.89MB)



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Links to Resources


Intellectual Property (General)
Intellectual Property (Copyright)
Intellectual Property (Patent)
Internet Issues (Safety and Responsibility)
Success Stories of Inventors and Inventions
Science and Technology Resources


A resource page from the US Patent and Trademark Office especially for kids.
An Outreach Program of the USPTO
A superb primer on intellectual property. The entire primer can be viewed on the web site or viewed as a PDF file. It even includes an excellent glossary defining many IP terms
Dynamic curriculum that inspires students to be creative and teaches them about the value of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, as well as the importance of respecting other's intellectual property.
Programs that promote creativity, invention, and scientific achievement.
This booklet helps students understand intellectual property rights through various interactive activities, and stimulates original and creative thinking.
Information about the process of inventing, examples of other inventors (kids and adults), and tools to help kids explore their own ideas. Includes teaching modules.
Web-based science and technology competition sponsored by the National Medal of Technology Program at the U.S. Department Commerce
Create your own comic strips--a great way to communicate your ideas.
Summary of Intellectual Property
Good general overview of Intellectual property
​​Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents: Invention Guide for Kids ​Compilation of resources for kids features Famous Inventors, Inventions by Kids, and Get Inventing.
Pdf guide to the arts and copyrights from WIPO including lesson plans and curriculum for educators. Superb reference
The Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) provides an informative PowerPoint presentation that clearly explains the importance of copyright in relation to the visual arts.
This Technology & Learning resource guide is designed to inform school leaders of what they may do under the law. It includes: a Copyright Primer for Administrators, Five Steps to Avoiding Copyright Problems, and a Quick Quiz on Copyright for Administrators.
A world of ideas, imagination and inventions for kids
Program promoting invention among young people.  Includes an inventor archive and other resources
Pdf guide to the arts and copyrights from WIPO including lesson plans and curriculum for educators. Superb reference
Pdf guide to patents and inventions from WIPO including lesson plans and curriculum for educators. Superb reference
A fantastic guide to inventions and inventors including wacky patents, inventions by subject matter and social groups; includes sign up for free newsletter
Copyright educational site for younger kids and includes teaching materials
Dedicated to exploring invention in history and encouraging inventive creativity in young people
Stories behind famous inventors and inventions.
All about kids and invention, with interactive games and information.
Resource links for young inventors.
Various programs of the National Inventors Hall of Fame including Camp Invention.
Mixture of information and commercial stuff
Play it Cybersafe Site provides the opportunity to prevent cybercrime through knowledge of the law, knowledge of rights and the ability to avoid misuse on the Internet.
CyberSpacers Site provides activities for kids
Newsweek article
The CyberCitizen Partnership The Cybercitizen Awareness Program educates children and young adults on the danger and consequences of cyber crime.
NetSmartz Workshop Includes substantial materials for teachers and kids as well as parents
Safe Kids and Safe Teens Maintained by Larry Magid, the author of the original 1994 brochure, "Child Safety on the Information Highway."
Child Net International A non-profit organization working with others to "help make the Internet a great and safe place for children."
Website explores issues surrounding digital media.  Some discussions feature cybersecurity, cybercrime, and the youth.
Cybersafety for Educators California Department of Justice
US Department of Education
American Library Association
A Pdf download
A website exclusively for young people to learn about appropriate computer usage in a fun, interactive and informative way
Educational program designed to encourage respect for intellectual property and responsible use of the Internet among students in grades 3-8
General information with links.
A fantastic guide to inventions and inventors including wacky patents, inventions by subject matter and social groups; includes sign up for free newsletter
Invented by two ophthalmologists at Columbia University, Drs. Trokel and L'Esperance. These two doctors eventually combined their patent portfolio and, together with two engineers who mortgaged their homes for capital, founded a company that grew to be the market leader in laser vision correction. US Patents 5,108,388; 5,711,762; 5,735,843; 4,718,418; 4,903,695.
About Chester Carlson and the invention of xerography
Forrest Bird's invention, the respirator, has saved millions of lives.
Bridging the gap between science, agriculture, and you.
Find links to government and other kids' sites -- grouped by age and subject. Explore, learn, and have fun!
Teaching and Learning Resources from Federal Agencies
Traces the origins of important recent technological and medical advances.
About NASA people and the national space program.
Online activities for kids.
Smithsonian resources and information for educators, families, and students.
Explanations of how the world actually works.



Disclaimer: None of the statements or citations in this website should be attributed as positions or opinions of the AIPLA or its Board of Directors. Neither should a link to or citation of an article or website be viewed as an endorsement of that website or its positions by the AIPLA or its Board of Directors. Rather, the goal of this site is to try and include multiple perspectives and voices in the pursuit of improved knowledge and understanding of IP as a whole and the issues surrounding it.