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If you wish to help contribute ideas and/or content, please e-mail us.

Creativity in Bloom

A Project of the American Intellectual Property Law Association

Creativity -- the ability to invent or create something original

Bloom -- to mature into achievement of one's potential

Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights reflect a set of legal rights with both constitutional and common law origins which are sometimes referred to collectively as Intellectual Property. A goal of these rights is to both incentivize and protect creative and inventive works ... to encourage and reward the original work in planting and nurturing the seeds and hopefully to allow them the time and opportunity to reach their full maturity and potential and bear fruit for their creators and the community as a whole.

We believe that intellectual property has been a major engine in the economic and artistic flowering of our country since its inclusion by our founding fathers in the constitution. We believe it is a resilient system which has been and should be able to adapt over time to changing technologies and economic pace and environment. We believe that historically and globally, the most robust innovation and energetic research as well as most active artistic communities have been fostered in countries and periods with the most reliable protection of intellectual property.

We are concerned negative perceptions and misperceptions about the intellectual property system are becoming more widespread in the public at large and that these misperceptions are in large part based on a lack of understanding of the system itself and of its historic origins and current real world value. Our goal with this website and our other activities is to educate the public and its representatives on intellectual property and its value in cooperation with the rest of the "IP" community. We believe that to best meet this goal we should work to better identify and make accessible many wonderful materials and insights already available on the web and elsewhere. We also hope, over time, to create materials to assist in understanding the IP system and its components where there appear to be gaps or opportunities for enhancement in the materials we can find. Our goal is to make these materials accessible not just to professionals actively engaged in this field, but more importantly to children from elementary school through young adults in college, to people in all industries and all walks of life, and to other groups who may have an interest in or an impact on intellectual property but have not had the opportunity yet for significant exposure to its foundation and current practice.

We have just completed an online program on July 22, 2009 with Professor Lisa Dolak regarding the treatment of Patents in the Media. Professor Dolak, Angela S. Cooney Professor of Law at Syracuse University, who is overseeing a study which is analyzing major newspaper coverage of the patent system from January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2008 to systematically assess how the press portrayed the U.S. patent system. We feel this information reflects in an objective analysis the subjective feelings about the significance of the need for efforts to reach out to the Public, however we can, to make sure a balanced and educated point of view on patents and the IP system as a whole is developed. We have provided links to the underlying original papers and the current PowerPoint addressing the new research by Professor Dolak above.

We have also provided a link to a PowerPoint from the same online program by our founding chairperson on the goals and current activities of the Public Education Committee. We would love to have your help and assistance. If you are interested in volunteering to help in our efforts on any of these fronts, particularly on Youth Education, the Website, Articles Gathering, or Blog Monitoring, please e-mail us. In the e-mail let us know where you would like to contribute and we will work to forward it to the appropriate people working in that area.

Finally, if you are interested in making a presentation to youth (e.g., at an elementary or intermediate school), we would be happy to forward you our current packet of materials as a starting point for such an effort. The package includes a PowerPoint presentation as well as extensive instructional notes within the PowerPoint presentation. It is probably better aimed at upper elementary students, but at least may give you a starting point to build from for whatever presentation you are trying to make. Please e-mail us to let us know where and how you would like to use it and if you can give us a report and feedback afterwards. We very much consider it a living document and we are working to develop parallel documents bracketed for different age groups as we go forward.

We are excited to be launching our public forays and are eagerly seeking any feedback and support. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Disclaimer: None of the statements or citations in this website should be attributed as positions or opinions of the AIPLA or its Board of Directors. Neither should a link to or citation of an article or website be viewed as an endorsement of that website or its positions by the AIPLA or its Board of Directors. Rather, the goal of this site is to try and include multiple perspectives and voices in the pursuit of improved knowledge and understanding of IP as a whole and the issues surrounding it.