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AIPLA is proud to support a number of 2015 World IP Day events in these US cities:

                                  Atlanta, GA                    Houston, TX

                                  Austin, TX                      Indianapolis, IN

                                  Boston, MA                    Minneapolis, MN

                                  Chicago, IL                    Newark, DE

                                  Denver, CO                    New York, NY   

                                  Dallas, TX                      Northern CA

                                  Detroit, MI                    Portland, OR

                                  Durham, NC                  St. Louis, MO


World IP Day was launched in the year 2000 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to promote and protect creative ideas, including music, art, trademarks, writings, and inventions. World IP Day is celebrated all over the globe, and AIPLA is working to expand those celebrations across the United States.  AIPLA, working with local IP law associations, Chambers of Commerce, cities, and law schools, has been able to work with cities nationwide to celebrate World IP nationally.  

Are you interested in hosting or sponsoring an event in your location?  Contact Elise Selinger at
Past World IP Day events range from panels of lawyers and business professionals geared towards the public, CLEs, events associated with music and arts festivals, as well as events universities and law schools.  In 2015, a World IP Day contest was held in Dallas for several dozen teens who received an overview of intellectual property and then broke into teams to generate creative presentations to teach their peers about different aspects of intellectual property.




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