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World Intellectual Property Day – April 26, 2017

Innovation – Improving Lives


      What is World IP Day?   World IP Day was launched in the year 2000 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to promote and protect creative ideas, including music, art, trademarks, writings, and inventions.  The official date for World IP Day is April 26th, but events are held all over the world throughout the springtime.



2017 AIPLA World IP Day Events

 (new information added as available, click on city names for lead contacts)


Alexandria, VA (USPTO)
April 26th
May 12th, UNLV
May 3rd, 6pm, Westwood Country Club
April 26, 5PM at UCLA
Teach for America event (closed)
Maui, HI
April 13th, University of Hawaii- Maui
April 6th, 6-10PM, Science Museum of Minnesota

April 26th, 5-8PM, Film Row Cinema at Columbia College
Nashville, TN
May 13, Adventure Science Center
April 21st, Fair Park
DISD Student competition (closed) &
USPTO Information station at
April 26th, 6PM, Cardozo Law School
Innovation Showcase at the University of Delaware
​April 28, 6-10 Philly Tech Week - Innovation Crawl at Cultureworks
 April 19th, 5:30PM at Galvanize
April 20th (student outreach event at Coyote Ridge Elementary)
May 4th - UA College of Medicine - Phoenix
May 6th, The Henry Ford Museum
Girl Scout IP Patch event (closed)
       April 26th, 4-7PM, 
The University of St.     Thomas  
Indianapolis, IN (2 events)
April 26th - Zionsville High School
April 26th, 3-5:30PM, CMG Worldwide
April 21st, Microsoft Campus
April 21st, Business Impact Northwest
April 25th, San Jose Regional USPTO Office
Washington, D.C. (Hill Day)


      But really, what is it?  World IP Day is celebrated all over the globe in the form of panels, receptions,  expos, and educational outreach for students of all ages.   AIPLA works with the USPTO and WIPO to expand those celebrations across the United States.  Local leads in cities across the U.S. work in teams that include local IP law associations, Chambers of Commerce, educational institutions, and educational non-profit organizations to put on these events to celebrate World IP Day.  


      What are the scope of past events?   The events range from panels for adults including attorneys and entreprenuers to events and contests for elementary, high school, college, and law students.  Each location's lead or team selects the event most appropriate to their community. The 2016 and 2015 events put on by our teams are listed below.


      What is the scope of the events worldwide?  WIPO has provided a map of the 2016 events and  a map of the 2015 events  held worldwide and put on in conjunction with IP, technology, legal, and other organizations around the world. 




 Previous Events*  


World IP Day 2016

Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined



AIPLA is proud to support these World IP Day 2016 Events!



May 3 - University of Alaska
April 22 register here &
April 26 - Zionsville High School
April 26 - USPTO
May 6 - University of Nevada
April 28 - Westwood Country Club
April 28 - California Institute of Technology (register)
May 4 - Langston Hughes High School
April 26 - University of Hawaii - Maui
April 21 - Barrister's Hall
April 23 - Rochester Community Technical College
April 28 - Film Row Cinema
April 14 - Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (register)
April 22
April 27 - Texas Regional PTO
April 25 - University of Delaware (register)
April 25 - Rocky Mountain Regional PTO
May 17 - Technology Assn. of Oregon (register)
April 20 - Lawrence Technological University (register)
April 21 - Silicon Valley PTO
April 19 - North Carolina School for Science & Mathematics
 April 21 - Univ. of Houston Law Center (register)
 April 19 - Technology Access Foundation Academy
St. Louis, MO
April 12 - TRex 5th Fl. Innovation Conf. Ctr. (register)




Please note that events hosted by secondary educational institutions or those targeted towards younger audiences may not be open to the public.


     Interested in past events?  See the 2015 events, and links to the event pages:

                                         Atlanta, GA                    Houston, TX

                                                 Austin, TX                      Indianapolis, IN

                                                 Boston, MA                    Minneapolis, MN

                                                 Chicago, IL                    Newark, DE

                                                    Denver, CO                    New York, NY

                                                 Dallas, TX                      Northern CA

                                                 Detroit, MI                    Portland, OR

                                                 Durham, NC                  St. Louis, MO




*expired links removed periodically