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Links to Circuit Rules

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Local District Patent Rules, thanks to Travis Jensen at Orrick for gathering the links

U.S. District Courts Link to Local Patent Rules
Alabama Middle NONE
Alabama Northern Patent Rules.pdf
Alabama Southern NONE
Alaska NONE
Arizona NONE
Arkansas Eastern NONE
Arkansas Western NONE
California Central NONE
California Eastern
California Northern Local Rules eff. 12-2009.pdf
California Southern
Colorado NONE
Connecticut Order in Patent Cases.pdf
District of Columbia NONE
Florida Middle NONE
Florida Northern NONE
Florida Southern NONE
Georgia Middle NONE
Georgia Northern
Georgia Southern NONE
Hawaii NONE
Illinois Central NONE
Illinois Northern
Illinois Southern NONE
Indiana Northern
Indiana Southern NONE
Iowa Northern NONE
Iowa Southern NONE
Kentucky Eastern NONE
Kentucky Western NONE
Louisiana Eastern NONE
Louisiana Middle NONE
Louisiana Western NONE
Maine NONE
Michigan Eastern NONE
Michigan Western
Mississippi Northern NONE
Mississippi Southern NONE
Missouri Eastern
Missouri Western NONE
Montana NONE
Nebraska NONE
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico NONE
New York Eastern
New York Northern
New York Southern
New York Western NONE
North Carolina Eastern
North Carolina Middle
North Carolina Western
North Dakota NONE
Northern Mariana Islands NONE
Ohio Northern
Ohio Southern,%202010.pdf
Oklahoma Eastern
Oklahoma Northern
Oklahoma Western
Pennsylvania Eastern
Pennsylvania Middle NONE
Pennsylvania Western
Rhode Island NONE
South Carolina NONE
South Dakota NONE
Tennessee Eastern
Tennessee Middle NONE
Tennessee Western
Texas Eastern
Texas Northern
Texas Southern
Texas Western
Vermont NONE
Virginia Eastern NONE
Virginia Western NONE
Washington Eastern
Washington Western
West Virginia Northern NONE
West Virginia Southern NONE
Wisconsin Eastern NONE
Wisconsin Western NONE
Wyoming NONE