Announcement Description

This sub-committee will address requests from the Amicus committee, comments to Federal Register notices, and other policy issues. The sub-committee currently (June 2017) has open tasks relating to two Amicus recommendations. Please contact sub-committee co-chairs Joshua Kresh ( and Stephen Larson ( along with vice chair Blair Silver (, if you are interested in working with the sub-committee.



This sub-committee will keep the committee webpage up to date.

Please contact sub-committee Chair Joshua Kresh at and Vice Chair Canek Acosta ( if you are interested in working ​with the subcommittee or if you have something you would like added to the commitee's web page.


This subcommittee continuously monitors recent precedential case and statutory developments in patent law, and its members propose amendments and revisions to improve the AIPLA Model Patent Jury Instructions. The AIPLA generally publishes updated Model Patent Jury Instructions on an annual basis for use by courts and litigants. The subcommittee welcomes additional members. Please contact subcommittee Chair Bill Blonigan (​) and Vice Chair Eric Gill ( if you are interested in working with the subcommittee.​


This sub-committee will develop ideas for programs to be held at the various stated meetings as well as monthly or bi-monthly webinars.  The subcommittee will submit ideas to the Professional Programs Subcommittee and lobby to have them included in plenary sessions at stated meetings and provide coordinators for any topics that are accepted. Please contact sub-committee Co-Chairs Robert Counihan and Rob Lytle at and, if you are interested in working with the sub-committee.


This sub-committee will work with the AIPLA Diversity Committee and Women in IP Law Committee to find sponsors for and plan presentations at various colleges and universities with large numbers of female and minority engineering students to educate these students about opportunities in IP Law.  Tamoka Bellard ( and Elizabeth Stotland Weiswasser ( are the Patent Litigation Committee's liaisons to the Women in IP Law Committee. It is hoped that by exposing these students to the excellent opportunities available for technically trained attorneys, we can increase the number of women and minorities who go into patent law. The subcommittee is looking for leadership and member volunteers. Please contact sub-committee Chairs William Barrow ( and Ali Dhanani ( if you are interested in volunteering. 


This sub-committee is charged with keeping the AIPLA model local patent rules current.  We will be evaluating modifications to the rules, especially in view of the recent damages rules from the Northern District of California.  We are seeking members.  If you are interested in participating, please contact sub-committee co-chairs Travis Jensen ( and Michelle Eber (


The sub-committee is looking for volunteer leaders and members to help start a Damages Sub-Committee. The sub-committee would develop programing and/or white papers on damages issues. Please contact sub-committee Chairs Kim Schenk ( and Stephen Holzen ( if you are interested in volunteering.