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Ex Parte PTAB Subcommittee

This subcommittee will be focused on the intersections between the PTAB and Ex Parte Prosecution. This subcommittee will further provide a forum for discussion and review of developments relating to ex-parte proceedings before the PTAB, and to propose changes in the rules and practice for ex-parte proceedings. The subcommittee will also be monitoring ex-parte decisions of the PTAB and Federal Circuit decisions on appeals of ex-parte proceedings, and summarizing significant decisions; analyzing statistics relating to PTAB ex-parte decisions; assessing rules or practices that potentially should be changed, with an eye toward suggesting appropriate changes; and discussing “open issues” with ex-parte proceedings before the PTAB for which there is not clear precedent.  The Subcommittee will also present periodically to the larger Patent Law Committee and will look for opportunities to provide programming at AIPLA meetings.

Contact Donald and Trent if you are interested in joining and contributing to this subcommittee.​