Announcement Description

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and new year’s. With the new year, we wanted to start fresh and update you all on a few ongoing efforts.

I.                    Midwinter Conference
We will be having a meeting for the M&A Committee at the Midwinter Conference, followed by a happy hour. If you can’t make the conference, a call in number and agenda will be circulated as the conference approaches. For this upcoming meeting, we need your feedback and ideas. We are dedicated to providing quality content and presentations for your benefit. The more feedback we get on what YOU want or need, the better we can serve you. Please take the time to call in if you can’t make it.
II.                  Year in a Deal 
Please join us this month on January 19th for a special Year in a Deal presentation jointly-sponsored by the Licensing and IP Portfolio Management Committee. James Singer and Doug Kortrey will be discussing Deal Documents – Important IP-Related Portions.
Our next four Year in a Deal lectures will be:
·         January 19, Deal Documents – Important IP-Related Portions by James Singer and Doug Kortrey
·         February 22, Closing and Post-Closing IP Considerations by Randi Karpinia
·         March 29, Industry Specific Issues Impacting Deals – still seeking speakers, contact us if you are interested!
·         April 26, Choice of Law Clauses/Forum Selection Clauses, Commonly Used Jurisdictions, by Carey Jordan and Lacy Kolo
Some members have had difficulty with the calendar invites. Please let us know if you did not receive a calendar invite.
III.                International Subcommittee
Our International Subcommittee that is focused on international issues relating to IP and M&A.  We are planning a future session on a comparative analysis of M&A practice between US and other international markets.  Therefore, we are looking for volunteers to present on this topic for his/her specific country. 
If you are interested in speaking in this session, please contact Thomas Wong at
IV.                Newsletter
We are teaming with the Licensing and IP Portfolio Management committee to prepare a quarterly newsletter. We are looking for volunteers to work on the first newsletter. Please contact us if you are interested.
V.                  Volunteers needed for AIPLA Forms Project
Experienced transactional attorneys are needed to help mentor less experienced attorneys annotate sample agreements for educational purposes.  The annotated agreements are being aggregated in an online indexed wiki for use by AIPLA members who would like access to agreements and various provisions.  Experienced transactional attorneys serve as coaches to less experienced attorneys on 1 agreement of their choice so volunteering should not require a huge time commitment.  The agreements are not limited to license agreements or IP transfer agreements but rather any agreement that includes IP provisions.  All volunteers may participate in telephonic reviews of the annotated agreements where participants share useful practice and negotiation tips. Please contact to volunteer or for more information.
We look forward to seeing you soon at the Midwinter Conference!
Lacy and Cecilia

​We need a volunteer to be a liaison to the antitrust committee and potentially other committees to develop programming for Brown Bag Lunch Sessions and Stated Meetings regarding regulatory issues affecting IP and M&A.  This is a new subcommittee, and therefore, development of its goals and objectives are within the purview of the volunteer in light of the AIPLA's strategic plan.  If you are interested, please contact Cecilia Vega( Thanks!


​If you would like to volunteer to help plan our committee programming, please let Cecilia Vega( know. 


If you or your organization would like to host a reception for our committee, either formally or informaly, at one of the Stated AIPLA meetings or in a local jurisdiction, please let Jeff Wolfson (, Lacy Kolo (, or Cecilia Vega( Generally speaking, a formal AIPLA published drinks-only reception is about $1000 (US).



​Our Force Majeure subcommittee has established social media group for our subcommittee to allow our members to discuss topics of interest and network.  The sites are found at the following locations

Twitter: AIPLA_M_and_A

Please contact Lacy Kolo ( or Maggie Abernathy ( if you have any questions.

The International Subcommittee focuses on international issues relating to IP and M&A. We are planning a comparative analysis fo M&A practice between the US and other international markets. While all volunteers are appreciated, we are particularly seeking non-US based volunteers to present on this topic for your specific ountry. Please notify Thomas Wong if you are interested.

​The M&A committee has established a subcommittee lead by Chris Lewis (  He needs volunteers to help him identify clauses for inclusion in the clause bank as well as populating the clause bank.   Contact chris if you would like to volunteer.