Announcement Description

The Merger & Acquisition Committee will be meeting at the AIPLA Spring Meeting for happy hour on Tuesday, May 15th at 4pm in the Hotel Lobby Bar. Please RSVP ( so we can look for you! Also, if you are attending the conference, you may want to check out the following sessions:

o   Corporate Track: What’s It Really Worth? IP Portfolio Due Diligence and Valuation Tuesday, May 15th, 2-3:30pm

     Moderator: Troy Grabow, PAX Laba

     Panelists:      Valerie Calloway, Alltech; James Malackowski, Ocean Tomo; Bill Harmon, Uber Technologies

o   Patent Licensing Track: Know When to Hold’ em, Know When to Fold’ em, and Know When to License! Tuesday, May 15th, 2-3:30pm

     Moderator: Randi Karpinia, Motorola Solutions

     Panelists:      Ian Crosby, Susman Godfrey, LLP; Tyson Winarski, University of San Francisco; Jennifer K. Johnson, Blaze Bioscience

Second, our next M&A Committee call will be held Thursday, May 31st at 12PT/3ETIf you don't receive a calendar invite, please feel free to just call in: 1-855-560-4156, access code: 7141754#; shortcut for mobile 18555604156,,7141754#​​

A separate calendar invite will be following, and the call in information is also below. Please reach out to me directly if you would like to add any topics to the agenda.

I.          Spring Meeting follow up

II.        ​ M&A Template Subcommittee update

This 10-person Subcommittee, headed by Jim Barnes  (, is focused on creating documents to assist our members in conducting due diligence on intellectual property and technology. The goal of this subcommittee is to generate usable checklists, flowcharts, and template documents to help our members address due diligence issues, specific to the transaction intellectual property and technology.

 ​This subcommittee is seeking documents that be turned into templates. It can be any document used in a transaction, such as a checklist, process flowchart, slide, agreement. 

III.      International M&A Subcommittee update

James Larson ( is leading an effort on international M&A programming. The Subcommittee is planning a series of webinars addressing the legal and cultural considerations of cross-border transactions, where each webinar is focused on an area of the world. As part of this series, the M&A Committee has already planned a joint session for the Annual Meeting with International & Foreign Law, IP Practice in Far East, IP Practice in Japan, and the IP Practice in Latin America Committees.

 This subcommittee is seeking volunteers, webinar topics, and speakers to assist in this effort. 

IV.      Programming Subcommittee update

We are seeking someone to lead the Programming Subcommittee. The programing committee works with the M&A membership and the other Subcommittees to identify practice areas of interest to the membership, and generate webinars and content to address member needs.


​Our Force Majeure subcommittee has established social media group for our subcommittee to allow our members to discuss topics of interest and network.  The sites are found at the following locations

Twitter: AIPLA_M_and_A

Please contact Lacy Kolo ( if you have any questions.