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Last modified at 1/22/2018 11:54 AM by Kip Bodi

Welcome to the A​IP​​LA Sample Agreements Project wiki page! 

Here we maintain a collection of sample agreements relating to intellectual property transactions.  Each agreement is annotated to explain the impact of specific provisions contained in the sample agreements.  Please note that these agreements are exemplary; a sample agreement included here may not be ideal for every situation.  Use them at your own risk.*

You can use the sample agreements in several ways:

  • Go to the agreement summaries page to see a brief summary of each sample agreement, and to access the sample agreements (Word format).  This page is useful if you are looking for examples of specific agreements (e.g., "I am trying to craft a material transfer agreement, and I want to see an example.")
  • Go to the index of provisions page to see a searchable index of agreement provisions.  This page is useful if you are looking for examples of specific agreement provisions (e.g., "I am trying to craft an indemnity provision, and I want to see examples from various agreements.")


* Nothing included in the sample agreements or elsewhere on this wiki site should be considered legal advice on the part of AIPLA or any of its members.​​​​​​​​