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Trade Agreement and Side Letter Subcommittee

International and Foreign Law Committee

Presented by Jay Erstling and Mitchell Hamline School of Law

            A project was created by Jay Erstling and Chen Wang of AIPLA to create an easily readable and accessible centralized collection of international trade and side agreements which involve IP provisions as relating to the United States. The past and present students comprising the Committee are: Jason Kuchar, Neven Selimovic, Karen Beckman, Trevor Haney, Dustin Dorsey, and Bradley Ni.

The Committee has identified and compiled, in a single database, all international trade agreements containing intellectual property provisions signed by the United States with one or more other sovereigns, as well as all respective side agreements relating to intellectual property.  The collected documents will be housed in this Sub-Committee page, for the benefit of AIPLA members and other users as designated by the AIPLA. ​

Below is the contact information for the Chair as well as the current data accessible so far. The data is organized by tabs and contains a key therein.

Jay Erstling <>