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1. Do you support the draft comments for the Hague implementation rules as currently drafted?

 20 (100%)  
 Yes, but I think the rules should also address other points

Total: 20

2. If you answered either yes, but should cover more points or no, please provided your detailed comments

I fully support the draft comments, and suggest that the AIPLA take a stronger stand with respect to the Assignment to Non-Entitled Parties issue.  Specifically, there shoudl not be a restriction on the assignment of an international registration merely because an entity (corporate, individual or otherwise) is resident or formed in a country that is not a member to the Hague Agreement.  Candidly, I have not come across or been involve in any situations where this may be an issue, but fundametnally, I am opposed to any restrictions on the ability to transfer (or assign) an intellectual property right merely because of where one resides. 
I too am concenred about the  potential for scams (especially given how often clients call/email with letters they have received on official-looking letterhead asking for payment), and how that can be better contrtolled.  I belive that the suggestins in the draft comments well address this potential, but liek with so many scams, when one door is closed the scammer always finds another.  I feel that whatever system is established to deal with the scams has to be sufficiently flexible to allow for change as the scams change to address loopholes and open doors.  I am also concerned about the ability of a non-registered indvidual to "back door" into practicing before the USPTO, but that is an issue for another day.
 In principle I have not major problem with the Response sent to the board. Some editing on terminology, to clarify that did not get into the process due to my trip. I had some nice things to say on how the review process was run. I do have some editing to pass along that may help clarify some point.

Total: 11