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Links related to IP in China

Agencies and Organizations

SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office)- English:

Quality Brands Protection Committee :

The QBPC mission is ‘to work cooperatively with the Chinese Central and local governments, local industry, and other organizations to make positive contributions to intellectual property protection in the People’s Republic of China.’

China Intellectual Property Rights Protection Website (IPR in China) is sponsored by Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of the People's Republic of China

China: Intellectual Property Laws and Treaties

China IP Protection Guides

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in China
A Practical Guide for U.S. Companies

China IPR SME Helpdesk, providing free information, advice and training support for SMEs to protect and enforce their IPR in China.

China: Intellectual Property Infringement, Indigenous Innovation Policies, and

Frameworks for Measuring the Effects on the U.S. Economy

Publications and Blogs

China IP Magazine

IP DragonGathering, commenting and sharing information about IPR in China

Intellectual Property Network is a free forum, with the intention to use Internet technology to promote mutual understanding and communication between US and China, in the field of Intellectual Property.