2009 April_Wentsler.pdf2009 April_WentslerWentsler, Stephen S. "Pros and Cons of Accelerated Examination at the USPTO"
2009 April_Ueno.pdf2009 April_UenoUeno - JPO "JPO Pilot Project: Community Patent Review (CPR)"
2009 April_Shobayashi.pdf2009 April_ShobayashiShobayashi, Kei "Patent Prosecution Highway"
2009 April_Schnapf_Mock Hearing.pdf2009 April_Schnapf_Mock HearingSchnapf, David "Obtaining Discovery from Japanese Company by Serving Subpoena on Its U.S. Subsidiary" (Mock Hearing)
2009 April_Schnapf_Mock Hearing 3.pdf2009 April_Schnapf_Mock Hearing 3Schnapf, David "MeToo Argument" (Mock Hearing)
2009 April_Schnapf_Mock Hearing 2.pdf2009 April_Schnapf_Mock Hearing 2Schnapf, David "Statement of Hearing Problem" (Mock Hearing)
2009 April_Schnapf.pdf2009 April_SchnapfSchnapf, David "Federal Circuit Review"
2009 April_Renfroe.pdf2009 April_RenfroeRenfroe, Austin "Change of Venue in the Eastern District of Texas and Beyond"
2009 April_Photos.pdf2009 April_Photos2009 April Trip to Japan - Delegation Photos
2009 April_Pegram 3.pdf2009 April_Pegram 3Pegram, John B. "Attacking Patents in the USPTO"
2009 April_Pegram 2.pdf2009 April_Pegram 2Pegram, John B. "Exhaustion of Patent Rights"
2009 April_Pegram 1.pdf2009 April_Pegram 1Pegram, John B. "Reexamination Made More Useful by Federal Circuit Decisions"
2009 April_Overview.pdf2009 April_Overview2009 April Trip to Japan - Overview
2009 April_Maps.pdf2009 April_Maps2009 April Trip to Japan - Maps
2009 April_Kasper 3.pdf2009 April_Kasper 3Kasper, Alan J. "US Patent Reform"
2009 April_Kasper 2.pdf2009 April_Kasper 2Kasper, Alan J. "US Patent Reform: Legislative and Judicial Initiatives"
2009 April_JTA_Panel.pdf2009 April_JTA_PanelJTA Panel "Intersection of Trademark& Design Patent Law in United States & Japan"
2009 April_JTA_Boshnick.pdf2009 April_JTA_BoshnickBoshnick, William S. "FRAUD ON THE USPTO: Recent Cases from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board" (JTA)
2009 April_JTA_Agenda.pdf2009 April_JTA_Agenda2009 April Trip to Japan - JTA Agenda
2009 April_JPAA_Wentsler.pdf2009 April_JPAA_WentslerWentsler, Stephen S. "Pros and Cons of Accelerated Examination at the USPTO" (JPAA)
2009 April_JPAA_Renfroe.pdf2009 April_JPAA_RenfroeRenfroe, Austin "Change of Venue in the Eastern District of Texas and Beyond" (JPAA)
2009 April_JPAA_Penny.pdf2009 April_JPAA_PennyPenny, John J. "USPTO Update – Tafas v. Doll" (JPAA)
2009 April_JPAA_OBrien.pdf2009 April_JPAA_OBrienO'Brien, John A. "QUALCOMM INC. v. BROADCOM CORP.: Equitable Remedies For Breach Of Disclosure Duty In A Standards-Setting Organization" (JPAA)
2009 April_JPAA_Dickinson.pdf2009 April_JPAA_DickinsonDickinson, Q. Todd "PCT Evolutional Theory: AIPLA Private Comments to the JPO" (JPAA)
2009 April_JPAA Itinerary.pdf2009 April_JPAA Itinerary2009 April Trip to Japan - JPAA Itinerary
2009 April_Johnson_Mock Hearing.pdf2009 April_Johnson_Mock HearingJohnson, John T. "Telco US’s Opposition to MeToo’s Motion to Compel" (Mock Hearing)
2009 April_Johnson.pdf2009 April_JohnsonJohnson, John T. "Using Opinions Of Counsel To Defend Against Willful Infringement"
2009 April_Itinerary.pdf2009 April_Itinerary2009 April Trip to Japan - Itinerary
2009 April_Invoices.pdf2009 April_Invoices2009 April Trip to Japan - Invoices
2009 April_IIP_Watanabe.pdf2009 April_IIP_WatanabeWatanabe, Kazuaki "Handling of Intellectual Property Rights in M&A" (IIP)
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