April 2008_IIP_Johnson.pptApril 2008_IIP_JohnsonIIP - "Obviousness and KSR—One Year Later "
April 2008_IIP_Fildes.pptApril 2008_IIP_FildesIIP - "Proposed Rule Changes For Ex Parte Appeals"
April 2008_IIP_Calvaruso-Webster.pptApril 2008_IIP_Calvaruso-WebsterIIP - "Injunctions after eBay v. MercExchange, LLC"
April 2008_IIP_Bui-Guetlich-Jang.pptApril 2008_IIP_Bui-Guetlich-JangIIP - "Patent Trolls: Are Patent Trolls Still Viable In View of Recent Case Law & Proposed Patent Reform Legislation?"
April 2008_IIP_Agenda.pdfApril 2008_IIP_AgendaIIP Meeting - Agenda
April 2008_Delegation.pdfApril 2008_DelegationApril 2008 Delegation
April 2008_AIPPI_Smith.pptApril 2008_AIPPI_SmithAIPPI - "SanDisk Corporation v. STMicroelectronics Inc. CAFC 05-1300"
April 2008_AIPPI_OBrien.pptApril 2008_AIPPI_OBrienAIPPI - "Medimmune and its Aftermath"
April 2008_AIPPI_Jang.pptApril 2008_AIPPI_JangAIPPI ' "MedImmune Impact/Suggestions"
April 2008_AIPPI_Hill.pptApril 2008_AIPPI_HillAIPPI - "Egyptian Goddess Case – Design Patent Infringement"
April 2008_AIPPI_Hill.pdfApril 2008_AIPPI_HillAIPPI - Egyptian Goddess v. Swisa, Inc.
April 2008_AIPPI_Hill 2.pptApril 2008_AIPPI_Hill 2AIPPI - "Recent Developments Regarding Standard-Setting"
April 2008_AIPPI_Hill 2.pdfApril 2008_AIPPI_Hill 2AIPPI - "What’s the Point? Determining the Point of Novelty of a U.S. Design Patent"
April 2008_AIPPI_Guetlich.pdfApril 2008_AIPPI_GuetlichAIPPI - "Patent Office Work Sharing Initiatives: A Customer Perspective"
April 2008_AIPPI_Calvaruso.pdfApril 2008_AIPPI_CalvarusoAIPPI - "Willful Patent Infringement in the US - A Sea Change"
April 2008_AIPPI_Agenda.pdfApril 2008_AIPPI_AgendaMeeting with AIPPI - Agenda
April 2008_ACCJ_Case.pptApril 2008_ACCJ_CaseMeeting with ACCJ - slide presentation
April 2008_ACCJ_Agenda.pdfApril 2008_ACCJ_AgendaMeeting with ACCJ - Agenda