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IP Law Associations

The IP Law Associations Committee works to foster beneficial relationships with Regional and Local associations in the United States having an interest in intellectual property law and encourages cooperation with those associations in educational activities.  The President-Elect appoints the members of the Committee for a term of three years.  Members are drawn from a variety of geographic regions in the United States.

The Committee maintains a compilation, organized by state, of the leaders from the Regional and Local IP associations.  The Committee relies on the Regional Local IP Associations to assist it in maintaining the currency of the information.

Some of the initiaves that this Committee has undertaken with the Regional Groups include:(1) informing the Regional and Local IP Associations about AIPLA activities; (2) providing Regional and Local IP Associations with information on CLE programs; and (3) providing other resources to enhance the exchange of information between AIPLA and the Regional and Local Associations.  


 Committee Announcements

Announcement Description

The AIPLA IP Law Associations Committee has compiled an easy-to-use map of the United States showing the known IP Law Associations around the country.  If you know of others, let us know!​

The IP Law Associations Committee sent its most recent E-Mailer Newsletter out to the regional and local associations with news of the Committee's and the AIPLA's activities. This e-mailer allows us to keep in touch with the regional and local IP associations and helps us keep our data base of the association's leaders up to date.​  A copy of recent Emailers can be found in the Committee Documents tab under the Emailers Folder.


Over the past year we launched our Regional Roundtables with an excellent discussion with the IP local and regional associations throughout the United States.  During each Roundtable we discussed a variety of topics important to regional and local IP associations and the AIPLA, including the effect of the downturn in the economy on the regional and local associations; the new AIPLA Amicus Network; automation and outsourcing of IP association administrative tasks; and promoting the value of IP rights and the AIPLA Public Education Committee's work.  We will continue the Roundtable program this coming year and will report progess to the local and regional associations in the near future.​


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