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Subcommittee Pages

TSC Subcommittee -
Liaison to Young Lawyers
Chair:  Frank Bruno
Coordinates interactions between ECLC and Young Lawyers
Liaison to Women in IP Law Committee
Chair:  Bea Koempel-Thomas
Coordinates interactions between ECLC and Women Lawyers Committee
Liaison to the Diversity Committee
Chair:  Manav Das
Coordinates interactions between ECLC and Diversity Committee
Liaison to Corporate Practice Committee
Chair:  Stanton Weinstein; Valentina Boyet;
                Coordinates interactions between ECLC and Corporate Practice Committee
Copyright Subcommittee
Chair: David Einhorn
Addresses issues related to securing copyright protection for computer software. Liaison with the Copyright Committee.  Also, make or coordinate at least one presentation during a webinar as coordinated by the Webinar Subcommittee.
Patents, Legislative Affairs, and Advocacy Subcommittee
Chairs: Lance Reich;  David Swenson; Jeff Ranck; Robert O’Connell; Justin Dillon; Eamon Wall;
Track pending legislation, particularly concerning the patenting of electronic and computer technologies.  Monitor judicial matters and pending cases, rulemaking, and corporate issues, especially emerging issues.  Interfaces with PTO Relations Subcommittee and other AIPLA committees as needed (e.g., Amicus, Copyright, Patent Law, Patent Litigation, Patent-Relations with the USPTO, Special Committee on IP Legislation, Public Education).  Identify law review articles and other media of interest to the ECLC and generate responses, in coordination with the larger AIPLA community, as determined necessary.  Coordinate a presentation periodically throughout the year during webinars as arranged by the Webinar Subcommittee.
PTO Relations Subcommittee
Chairs: Lynn Anderson; Mike Stein;
Organizes the Partnering in Patents seminar, the annual Brown Bag lunch meetings with TC directors, and manages our committee’s efforts to provide technical training to PTO examiners.
Licensing, Transactions, and Monetization Subcommittee
Chairs: Wenjie Li; Ernie Beffel;
Addresses issues concerning licensing, transaction, and monetization of electronic and computer technologies. Also, make or coordinate at least one presentation during a webinar as coordinated by the Webinar Subcommittee.
Professional Programs Subcommittee
Chair: John Salazar;  Vice-Chair: Tim Christman; Michael Drapkin;
Responsible for the educational programs presented by the ECLC during stated meetings and the Electronic and Computer Patent Law Summit.
Webinars Subcommittee
Chairs: Steve Lundberg; Thiery Lo;
Responsible for on-line education programs presented by the ECLC.  Partner with the other subcommittees to develop content.
Technology and Business Subcommittee
Chairs: Sandy Godsey; Randy Canis;
Addresses the advancement of technology, research, and development in business related computing with a focus on business methods and Covered Business Methods under the AIA.  Also, make or coordinate at least one presentation during a webinar as coordinated by the Webinar Subcommittee.
ECLC Website Subcommittee
Chair: Steve Weed
Maintains ECLC website and dissemination of information to the membership.
Electronic and Computer Patent Prosecution Subcommittee
Holds periodic electronic round table meetings to discuss current patent prosecution issues.  This will likely include at least one webinar per year with the cooperation of the Webinar Subcommittee.
Newsletter Subcommittee
Chairs: Scott Higdon; Francisco Castro; Per Larsen; Paul Schramm;
Gathers updates from the Chair, Vice-Chair, and sub-committee chairs to inform the membership on Committee activities and upcoming events/activities and request and receive articles from the Committee membership.
International Affairs Subcommittee
Chairs: Ed Round; Jennifer Jannuska;
Tracks changes in the laws of other countries and informs the committee of these changes.  Also, make or coordinate at least one presentation during a webinar as coordinated by the Webinar Subcommittee.
The International Affairs committee recommends these links for updates and discussion of international IP issues:
For current information on IP Matters in Europe and especially Computer-related invention issues, check out Axel Horns' blog at
Other Excellent Web Sites for International Patent News include:
The Association of International IP Practitioners (AIPPI):
The committee pages of this site includes papers from various countries on specific questions presented to the committee; a comparative Law summary of these papers; and a Resolution on issues raised by the question that has been approved by the AIPPI Executive Committee for publication worldwide to Patent and other IP organizations as well as NGOs in the various countries.
The International Federation of IP Attorneys (FICPI)
Papers from their various conferences are eventually posted on this web site.
Current Issue of the Oxford "International Journal of Law & Information Technology:
Gives information from Europe from the Free/Open Source groups who oppose software patents in general. The Software_patent_news site is a good way to keep up with what's hot among the software people in Europe.
The European Patent Office:
Has easy access to recent Board of Appeal Decisions
Japanese Patent Office:
Contains the latest on the JPO-US Patent Highway.