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Professional Development Subcommittee

Diversity Committee - Professional Development Subcommittee

A Message from our Chair:

Thank you for your interest in the Professional Development Subcommittee!  Our goal is to develop content to facilitate our members' professional development and encourage members' engagement.  In this regard, we organize a variety of events such as:

•    Plan and maintain a speaker bank
•    Plan and schedule webinar speakers for committee meetings
•    Coordinate Liaison program 

Information about each of these events is provided below.  If you would like additional information about our events and/or to get involved, please contact one of our subcommittee co-chairs.

Best Wishes,

Molly Keenan

Diversity Committee Speaker Bank

The 2017 AIPLA Diversity Committee Speaker Bank is being created.  We will provide more information shortly.


Webinars Series

The 2017 AIPLA Diversity Committee Webinar Series

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Topic: “How to Manage ‘Sticky Wicket’ Situations and More,”
Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation at work ? Or witnessed an uncomfortable situation that you did not know how to handle?
Seasoned practitioners provided insights on how to navigate "sticky" situations
Our panelists included:
•    Devika Kornbacher, Partner Vinson & Elkins
•    Kim Vo, Director Legal, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
•    Miriam Richter IP Attorney, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Topic:   "Tips & Tricks to Getting Your Next Job"
·         Resume Bias & Best Practices- will changing your name on a resume get you in the door?
·         Rooney Rule – current practice to increase diversity for job applicants
·         Resume assumptions that may cause you to be overlooked
·         How to use your network to land key interviews


Interested in Attending?
  • Make sure your AIPLA contact information is current. 
Molly Keelan

Elise Selinger

Liaison Subcommittee

We need liaisons to serve as a bridge between our committee and other substantive committees.  As a liaison, we’re asking that you make your respective substantive committee(s) aware of upcoming Diversity Committee events, and let our liaison chair know of upcoming events hosted by your respective substantive committee as they arise. Our liaison chair will be the central location to compile the notes from each liaison so that this information can be distributed to our membership.

Interested in being a liaison for the Diversity Committee?
  • Please contact our liaison subcommittee chair . 

Rakhi Nikhanj