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Speaker Bank Subcommittee

A Message from our Chair:

AIPLA’s Corporate Practice Committee Speaker Bank provides you with an opportunity to be considered as a potential speaker or a moderator and to help program coordinators to find the right speakers and moderators!  The Corporate Practice Committee has built a database for our members who are interested in speaking and/or moderating opportunities, also allowing members to also include their expertise and topics of preferences. This way, when the right opportunity comes along, members will be considered as a potential speaker or moderator based on their both their knowledge base and preference.

If you are interested in speaking at an AIPLA event, whether at a live meeting or an educational webinar, and to be included into our updated database, please fill out the survey provided in the link below and you will be contacted to work out the details. The database information will only be used for the stated purpose of finding speakers and moderators for the AIPLA events, and will not be shared otherwise. 


Thank you!

Katharyn Owen

Katharyn E. Owen​

Star2Star Communications, LLC 

D: +1-941-960-8423 (finds me anywhere)


Corporate Practice Committee Speaker Bank

Survey link:

You need to only complete this survey once to remain listed in the database.  However, please feel free to complete this survey frequently to update your information!


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