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Law Student Subcommittee

The Chemical Practice Law Student Subcommittee focuses on bringing more law students into AIPLA and the Chemical Practice Committee.​

Law Student Subcommittee Chairs
Jill A. Hecht ​
University of Houston Law Center​
Jorge Zamora 
University of Houston Law Center

AIPLA Meet the Presidents at University of Houston Law Center
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 12PM
University of Houston Law Center Room 209 BLB
Summary of the event by Carol Nielsen​​

Past Presidents of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, Meg Boulware and Sharon Israel, spoke on March 6, 2018 at the general meeting of the Intellectual Property Student Organization at University of Houston. 

AIPLA President 1998-1999
Boulware and Valoir
AIPLA President 2014-2015
Shook, Hardy and Bacon
​Moderated by Kyrie Cameron​, Patterson Sheridan​

At this luncheon event, the panelists provided an enlightening discussion of career growth and advancement through participation and involvement in one of the nation’s largest intellectual property association by two of its past presidents working and residing in Houston.​  

The event was well attended with about 30 University of Houston Law students.  Moderated by Kyrie Cameron​ from Patterson Sheridan​, Houston, both past presidents were asked how participating with AIPLA helped to catapult her career.  The responses were interesting and diverse.  Meg thought the networking opportunities were invaluable as she made many wonderful, and often high level, connections around the globe through her work with AIPLA.  Sharon added that she has made great friends from around the nation working on committee work and the board.  Since Sharon was recently president, she also shared highlights from her presidency via portions of a slide presentation that showed some of the networking events offered by AIPLA, and reflections from her travels that she made on behalf of the organization.

This event was sponsored by the law firms of Patterson Sheridan​ and Nielsen IP Law​.

Presented by AIPLA Law Students and Chemical Practice Committees with the Intellectual Property Student Organization at University of Houston.​