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International Education Subcommittee

The International Education Subcommittee aims to foster education and greater understanding of IP in the chemical arts in jurisdictions outside the USA. We will keep members up-to-date with the latest developments in international law, especially relating to chemical inventions and we will interact with members through regular newsletter articles and email updates, as well as sessions at the AIPLA meetings throughout the year. In 2018 we hope to expand our efforts, with contributions from more jurisdictions. If you are interested in getting involved, we would greatly appreciate your input. Please contact the subcommittee chair using the details given below.

International Education Subcommittee Chair
Phone: +49 (0) 89 2441 299 0 ​
Munich, Germany

China Correspondent of Chemical Practice Committee’s International Subcommittee:
Tee & Howe Intellectual Property Attorneys​

International Education Subcommittee Resources and Activities Archive

2016 AIPLA Annual Meeting
Panel Discussion: "Now is the Time! Align Your Strategies for International Patent Application Filings"

AIPLA Chemical Practice Committee, along with the Education, Law Students and Patent Agents Committees, hosted a panel of seasoned practitioners who offered recommendations and practice tips for preparing patent application to be filed in multiple jurisdictions in the chemical and related arts. The panel featured panelists from from Canada, China, Europe, India and Japan and proposed considerations for attaining patentable subject matter, written description, and enablement in light of country laws and rules of procedure. The panel also discussed patent harmonization efforts.

Kimberly Braslow, AstraZeneca Global IP, Gaithersburg, MD

Matthew Barton​, Forresters, Munich, Germany
John Norman, Gowling WLG, Ottowa, Ontario
Sharad Vadehra, Kan and Krishme, New Delhi, India
Hiroshi Sato, Kawaguti & Partners, Japan
Shanqiang Xiao​, Beijing East IP Ltd. / Beijing East IP Law Firm, Beijing, China
Rachel Kahler, General Mills, Minneapolis, MN 

Written Materials:
European Law and Best Practices for Application Drafting -- Barton
     Slides     Paper
Canadian Law and Best Practices for Application Drafting​ -- Norman
Indian Law and Best Practices for Application Drafting​ -- Vadehra
     Bio     Paper​
Japan Law and Best Practices for Application Drafting​ -- Sato
China Law and Best Practices for Application Drafting​ -- Xiao
Patent Harmonization -- Kahler
     Bio     Slides     Paper​