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IP Legislation in the 112th Congress

The table below delineates the key bills of the 112th Congress and their status as they work their way through the system.  The House Bills are in the top table and the Senate Bills are immediately below the House Bills.

House of Representatives

Introduced Bill​ House Committee​ Full House​ Senate Committee​ Full Senate​ Current Status
H.R. 6621, To correct certain provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act and title 35, United States Code

​Approved with amendment on 12/18/12 ​Approved with amendment on 12/28/12
​Signed by President on 1/14/13. Public Law 112-274.
H.R. 6432 - To implement provisions fo the Hague Agreement and the Patent Law Treaty
(See S. 3486)
H.R. 6215 - To amend the Trademark Act of 1946 to correct an error in the provisions relating to remedies for dilution.
​Judiciary Committee Mark-Up 8/1/12; Committee Approved on 8/1/12 by voice vote
(Report 112-647)
​Approved by voice vote on 9/11/12 ​Judiciary Committee discharged by unanimous consent on 9/22/12
​Approved without amendment by voice vote on 9/22/12 ​Signed by President 10/5/12. Public law 112-190
H.R. 3468 - Counterfeit Drug Penalty Enhancement Act (See S. 1886)
Legislative Hearing on 3/28/12
H.R. 3261 - Stop Online Piracy Act
(See S. 968)
Legislative hearing on 11/16/11; Committee markup  12/15/11 - 12/16/11.
​H.R. 2511 - Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act
(See S. 3523)

​Legislative Hearing on 7/1/5/11.

H.R. 1249​- The America Invents Act (See S. 23)

Oversight hearings on patent reform on  1/25/11; Legislative hearing 2/11/11; Legislative hearing on 3/10/11; Legislative hearing on 3/30/11; Committee approved as amended on 4/14/11, vote of 32-3. (Report 112-98)

​H.R. 1249, as approved by the House on 6/23/11 by a 304-117 vote.  
​Approved by Senate 89-9 on 9/8/11. ​Signed by President on 9/16/11. Public Law 112-29.
H.R. 1056 - The Patent Continuing Disclosure Act



Introduced Bill​ ​House Committee Full House​ ​Senate Committee ​Full Senate ​Current Status
​S. 3642 - Theft of Trade Secrets Clarification Act of 2012
Refered to House Committee on the Judiciary ​Approved 12/18/12 Approved without amendment by Unanimous Consent 11/27/12 ​Signed by President on 12/28/12. Public Law 112-236.
​S. 3523 - Innovative Design Protection Act of 2012
​Reported favorably without amendment on 9/20/12

S. 3486 - Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act of 2012
Refered to House Committee on the Judiciary ​Approved under suspension on 12/5/12 Judiciary Committee approved as amended by voice vote on 9/20/12 ​Approved as amended by Unanimous Consent ​Signed by President on 12/18/12 Public Law 112-211.
S. 1886 - Counterfeit Drug Penalty Enhancement Act of 2011
(See H.R. 3468)
​Referred to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on 3/15/12 ​Judiciary Committee approved without amendment on 12/18/11
​Passed Senate as amended by voice vote on 3/6/12
​S. 978 - Penalties for Copyright Infringement ​Judiciary Committee approved without amendment on 6/16/11.
​S. 968 - Protect IP Act
(See H.R. 3261)
​Judiciary Committee approved as amended by voice vote on 5/26/11. (Report 112-39)
​S. 27 - Preserve Access to Affordable Generics Act ​Judiciary Committee approved without amendment on 7/22/11.
 S. 23 ​- Patent Reform Act of 2011
(See H.R. 1249)

Committee approved as amended on 2/3/11, vote of 15-0  Approved as amended on 3/8/11, vote 95-5. See H.R. 1249.


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